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The Price Japan Pays for the “Expensive Souvenir” President Biden Prepared

He made a series of in-depth statements, including "I support Japan's permanent membership on the UN Security Council" and "I will be militarily involved in the event of an emergency in Taiwan.

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Biden and Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, 61, landed at Yokota Air Base on May 22. They were chatting with the U.S. Ambassador to Japan and others who welcomed them.

President Joe Biden’s “rush visit” to Japan, which lasted about 49 hours, has come to an end. A reporter from the political section of a national newspaper said, “There was no golf or anything like that.

Although there was no golf, the dinner with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (64) and his wife at the Happoen restaurant showed the careful research and preparation that went into the preparation of Biden’s favorite dishes, such as salmon and chicken. Mrs. Yuko Yutaka’s tea ceremony was so elaborate that she visited the area in advance and brought her own tea utensils.

During his visit to Japan, he made a series of in-depth statements, and at a joint press conference on May 23, a reporter asked him about the Taiwan contingency. When asked, “If China were to invade Taiwan, would the U.S. be involved militarily? Biden replied, “Yes, that is our commitment.

He also stated that if the UN Security Council were reformed, he would “support Japan becoming a permanent member. What is the purpose of these “souvenirs”? International journalist Yoshio Hotta answers.

Yoshio Hotta, an international journalist, said, “I think they are seriously considering countermeasures against a possible invasion of Taiwan by China, assuming it to be a realistic possibility. As for the permanent membership of the Council, they must be thinking that ‘Japan will not defy the U.S.’ to that extent. I believe that the U.S., knowing that Japan cannot use force overseas, wants Japan to join them, even if only a little. How will Japan deal with this situation in the future? I think the Kishida administration’s diplomatic skills will be put to the test.

The bill for this souvenir is likely to be high.

After the dinner at Happoen, Mr. Biden headed home in the Beast, the presidential car. The meeting was held without alcohol.

From the June 10, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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