Mr. Higashitani of “GaaSyy CH” Announced Candidacy for the House of Councilors; Advocates Entertainment Industry Reforms | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mr. Higashitani of “GaaSyy CH” Announced Candidacy for the House of Councilors; Advocates Entertainment Industry Reforms

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Yoshikazu Azumaya of “GaaSyy ch” announces his intention to run for the upper house of the Diet in a conversation with NHK Party leader Takashi Tachibana (from his official YouTube channel).
On the evening of May 25, aka “GaaSyy”, Yoshikazu Azumaya, an exposé-style YouTube personality, had a remote interview with NHK Party leader Takashi Tachibana. The live-streaming was titled “[Urgent Live Streaming] Tristone’s Whistleblowing.

Mr. Azumaya revealed that he has been in trouble with the office’s president, Mr. Mataichiro Yamamoto after he had previously exposed the past of Go Ayano, who belongs to Tristone Entertainment.

Mr. Higashitani had asked for an apology press conference regarding the past incident with Tsuyoshi Ayano (which Mr. Higashitani claims), but the situation never materialized, and after much frustration, an accuser finally appeared from within.

The accuser sent the letter to party leader Tachibana, who is a close friend of Higashitani’s, as Higashitani is hiding overseas.

“Mr. Azumaya was also specific about the contents of the letter that reached Mr. Tachibana this time, and they seemed to agree on some of the information contained in it. Briefly, it is about the company’s future, but they blame Mr. Azumaya for the fact that these plans are not progressing well and they were trying various means to destroy him.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

Higashitani had previously caused a scandal by defrauding a fan of money by claiming that he would take him to see BTS. The victim revealed had been pressured by the police not to settle with Azumaya and to file a damage report.

It is unclear how this is related, but Higashitani speculates that this may be part of a harassment operation.

“I’ve decided today that I’m running for office. I look forward to working with you.”

Higashitani then said that he has decided to run for the upper house in the summer as a member of the NHK party’s national proportional list.

“When I received the whistleblower’s letter, I knew that if I did the right thing, I wouldn’t be able to win.”

He explained the circumstances of his decision.

Higashitani is currently overseas, but he ran for office without returning to Japan and has no plans to return to Japan in the future to protect his personal safety.

He said he would like to enter politics and advocate for reform of the Japanese entertainment industry, and he is determined to produce world-class artists like BTS from Japan.

Even if he were elected, the NHK Party is a small, so it will not be easy to bring about any reforms. And since the entertainment industry is a private enterprise, it is doubtful they can do anything about it. If he becomes a politician, he will be required to be impartial. It will be a challenge for him to attack particular entertainers or entertainment production companies. Becoming a politician would probably mean the end of the “exposé-type YouTube stars” (TV station insider)

The bombshell who suddenly appeared this year has unexpectedly declared his intention to challenge the political world. What will be Azumaya’s fate?

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