Moomi Kushiro examines luxury furniture with her YouTube star husband | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Moomi Kushiro examines luxury furniture with her YouTube star husband

Unusual "Yoshimoto Job Change" Gives TV Announcer a Comeback, and Public and Private Life is Going Well

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Announcer Hisayo (right) started her new life in spring with a new job. Art furniture is an item to celebrate her new start as an announcer!

One evening in mid-April. A tall, handsome man appeared at the Tsutaya bookstore in Daikanyama, Tokyo, an oasis for conscious people.

He is Haruki-kun (26), a member of the popular YouTube channel “Kita no Uchishitatachi,” with blond hair that sticks out from his cap and piercing eyes.

He likes fashion so much that he started selling parkas on his personal channel “Haruki’s Secondhand Clothes,” and he was wearing a double name jacket with Backhouse, which was produced in limited quantities at the New Zealand factory of Barbour in the ’90s. He was strolling around the store, talking to someone on his AirPods.

About 30 minutes later, it was former Fuji Television announcer Moemi Hisashiro (32) who came into the store, also talking on her phone.

She, too, was wearing a Louis Vuitton G-junkie and looked like a celebrity, like the wife of a top YouTube star. A year and a few months after their marriage in December 2008, the fashionable couple joined us in the store and walked to the art furniture section.

‘Anna Hisayo left Fuji Television at the end of March. Hisayo left Fuji Television at the end of March, probably because she was transferred from the announcements office to the network bureau in July of last year and was “fired” as an announcer. It was reported that behind the unusual personnel change may have been a problem with her behavior, such as going on blind dates with investors and getting into a lover’s quarrel with Haru-kun, which resulted in a police incident.

Last spring, when Fuji’s female announcers were slammed for the “stealth” scandal, Kushiro was unscathed, but her rivals went down in flames, leading some to ask, “Wasn’t it Kushiro who leaked the information? This was also a source of concern to the upper management. This may have also hurt the reputation of the upper management.

She chose Yoshimoto Kogyo as her new affiliate. This is a very unusual choice for a freelance announcer, but a producer at a key station said, “She has a good eye.

BS Yoshimoto, who will be the main announcer, has a policy of making full use of their exclusive announcers and cheap comedians. Yoshimoto has a lot of its own work to do, including sales, and the Osaka Expo is coming up. They have a great deal of influence over TV stations, so I’m sure they will never run out of work as announcers, including on terrestrial TV. It’s a wonderful comeback. The number of freelance announcers is saturated, so I think it’s a much wiser choice than joining an announcing agency and getting buried.

Although she has never made the top 10 of any of the many “favorite female announcer rankings,” there were many who expressed their regret for Kushiro. The following is a comment from a mid-career broadcaster.

When I was informed of her transfer from the announcing office last year, Akashiya Sanma (66), Matsumoto Hitoshi (58), and others commented one after another on how much they regretted her departure. They appreciated her unique presence on variety shows. On the other hand, he was also famous for being smart and accumulating a solid amount of money. He and Haru-kun split the cost of purchasing the 100-million-yen townhouse in which they would spend their honeymoon.

At the art furniture corner, a high-end chair caught their eyes. It was a one-of-a-kind piece created by a duo of artists and priced at 40,000 yen. The two were in earnest as they discussed what was right and what was wrong. I suddenly remembered that Hisayo had introduced her husband’s thriftiness on a variety show the other day, saying, “My husband eats udon and onigiri before going out to eat a course meal.

I want to become Yoshimoto’s signature announcer.”

I want to be Yoshimoto’s signature announcer,” is Hisayo’s dream, and she and her husband are both very disciplined people. I have no doubt that this couple will make steady progress toward realizing their dream.

Soon after they started dating, they moved in together (in the fall of 2007). The combination of a popular TV announcer and a YouTube star was a shocking one.
Unpublished photo of Moemi Kushiro, “Northern Players,” with Haru-kun, “examining art furniture.
Unpublished photo of Moemi Kushiro examining art furniture with Harukun of “Kita no Uchishitachi”.

From the June 3, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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