A sudden surge in popularity has taken a turn! Special Circumstances of Korea’s New First Lady “Began to be Criticized”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A sudden surge in popularity has taken a turn! Special Circumstances of Korea’s New First Lady “Began to be Criticized”.

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While her popularity has skyrocketed, Mrs. Kim has also been criticized (Image: Jiji Press)

Mrs. Kim, wearing a yellow-checked jacket, smiles gently at the girls. The girls look happy as she smiles at them.

When an image of Kim Gong-Hee, the wife of South Korean President Yun Seong-Yeol (61), was uploaded to Facebook, it immediately received thousands of “Likes! were immediately posted by the president’s wife, Kim Gong-hee (49).

The post was taken at the “Open Music Concert” hosted by KBS (Korea Broadcasting System) on May 22 at the main building of Cheongwadae (the presidential office). The people in the picture with Mrs. Kim are members of a children’s choir invited to the concert.

The concert was broadcast on television, and the average rating was about 7%. However, when President Yun and Mrs. Yun, who were in the audience, were introduced, the viewer rating quickly rose to nearly 11%. The program became a symbol of Mrs. Kim’s popularity.

A search for “Kim Jian-ki” returned more than 2,500 results.

The popularity of the talented and talented Mrs. Kim has been on a steady rise. The aforementioned “Gongsarang” was launched last December. The number of members was initially around 30,000, but has grown to nearly 100,000 since Yun assumed the presidency in May of this year.

Even after becoming First Lady,” Yun said, “she is still supported for her folksy words and actions, such as taking out meals at a downtown market. She also readily discloses her frugal personal life on Instagram. Her favorite pair of white sandals (about 3,500 yen) on Instagram became a topic of conversation and sold out at various stores.

On May 3, Mrs. Kim visited the famous Sae-in Temple in central Korea. The midi-length skirt (designed to cover the knees) she wore at that time, which cost about 5,500 yen, was called the “Gonghee Skirt” and became very popular on the Internet. The mail-order site says there is a month-long wait for delivery. A search for “Kim Jian Ki” on “Neighbor Shopping,” a major Korean online shopping site, returned more than 2,500 hits. Even if you narrow down the search to ‘Kim Jian Ki skirt,’ you will get about 1,500 hits,” said a source.

The attention to Mrs. Kim continues to increase. However, she has begun to draw criticism from the public.

Last December, during the presidential election, Mrs. Kim was forced to apologize for allegedly misrepresenting her career. When she applied for a position as a visiting professor at a private university in 2007, it was discovered that she had written false information about her career on her application form. She frankly admitted her guilt, bowed her head, and the furor was put to rest.

However, on May 23, the Korean police announced that they would conduct a written investigation of Mrs. Kim for false background. The police went out of their way to make this announcement,” said Choi Kwang-ho, director of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department, “by stating that ‘no suspicion’ is not a prerequisite for a criminal investigation. No suspicion’ is one of the reasons for a non-prosecution. There is widespread speculation among the public that Mrs. Kim was able to get away with the crime because she became the First Lady and took power. There are even posts on the Internet saying, ‘I am disappointed in Mrs. Kim.

Although Mrs. Kim’s popularity and name recognition are rising at a breakneck pace, a dark cloud is beginning to gather because of her own mistakes.

  • Photo Jiji Press

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