The misdeeds of the director of the video “Prostitution of a junior high school girl” who was also in charge of Kyary and others. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The misdeeds of the director of the video “Prostitution of a junior high school girl” who was also in charge of Kyary and others.

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Oshima suspect to be sent to prosecution. He is said to have been an excellent music director.

I’ll give you money, let’s go on a date!

The man had created an account on a social networking service exclusively for “daddy’s activities” and lured girls with posts like these.

On May 10, the suspect, Jun Oshima, 39, of Suginami Ward, Tokyo, was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of violating the Child Prostitution and Pornography Law. Oshima had sexual intercourse with a then 15-year-old junior high school girl whom he met through SNS at a hotel in Suginami Ward, Tokyo. Between December of last year and January of this year, the offenses were committed multiple times. The case came to light when the girl’s mother consulted the police. Oshima denies the charges, saying, “It is true that we had sexual intercourse at the hotel, but I thought she was 18 years old.

The arrested Oshima is a well-known figure in the music industry.

He is a freelance video director who has worked on music videos and live DVDs for many major artists. He was in charge of music videos for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and the rock band Asian Kung Fu Generation. He was also involved in the production of live DVDs for Aimyon and GLAY.

When he participated in the interview between Hiroshi Inaba of “B’z” and Kazutoshi Sakurai of “Mr. Children” last May as a cameraman, he happily wrote on his Facebook page I am grateful to have been able to witness this very precious moment! (An employee of a major record company)

Posing as an advertisement for a marriage activity site

On Oshima’s Facebook page, there are posts that show his interest in women.

I heard that a friend of mine started working at a women’s college cafeteria, and I’m dying to hear all about it.

I’m annoyed by the fact that the advertisements for marriage activity sites pose as if they are more interesting than they are.

I want them to pay all the rent!

The record company employee mentioned above continued.

I think he had a good job, because he worked not only in Japan but also abroad for filming and production. But while his interest in women was growing, he was not the popular type. He loved to talk and often bragged to the female staff about his shooting episodes with famous artists, but I never heard that he had a girlfriend.”

It seems that the director, who was active in the glamorous world, was unable to suppress the dark desires that swelled inside him.

Did he succumb to temporary temptation?

  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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