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Maya Kobayashi’s Name Change to Maya Kunimitsu Reveals the Shadow of Parent-Child Dispute

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Maya Kobayashi has changed her stage name to “Maya Kunimitsu”, her ex-husband’s surname. It is said that it is only a matter of time before she remarries.

Former TBS announcer Maya Kobayashi has changed her name to “Maya Kunimitsu” and resumed her entertainment activities.

On May 21, she announced on her blog:

I am going to start performing as Maya Kunimitsu from today.

May 21, she reported on her blog, “From today onward, I will be performing as Maya Kunimitsu. She also announced that she will appear in the horror film “SPELL: If you are cursed, it’s the end” to be released in 2023.

The film stars Yuma Teranishi and Kon Omura, and Maya will play the role of Yoshimi Mizutani, a woman who consults with the psychic family, the Makaino family, played by Teranishi and Omura, to dispel evil spirits.

She plays the role of Yoshimi Mizutani, a woman who consults with Teranishi and Omura about how to get rid of evil spirits. In a way, it’s a perfect match for the movie. As expected, work for commercial TV stations and commercials is out of the question, but she may be able to use her popularity to great effect on stage and in the movies.

Speaking of Maya, her epic battle with her brother-in-law, kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizo, is still fresh in our minds. Angered by Ebizo’s unauthorized blog post about her divorce from her ex-husband, Gin Kunimitsu, Maya demanded a public apology. She made a series of untruthful revelations on her blog, and Ebizo was so upset that he summoned Maya and Kunimitsu to his home to discuss the matter.

After that, Maya shifted her “main battlefield” from Ameblo to Note, and with that, Ebizo’s “verbal attacks” subsided.  A reporter in charge of entertainment for a sports paper said,

 “It is a ‘dormant volcano’ now, and it seems that she has not forgiven Mr. Ebizo at all.#

Reconciliation is the best thing that could happen.

Maya’s name change came amidst such circumstances. Even though it is a stage name, the meaning of “abandoning the Kobayashi family name” is of the utmost significance.

Maya lost her beloved sister, Mao Kobayashi, in June 2017, and was overcome with grief. The kizuna between the sisters remained strong even after Mao’s death, and Maya wrote about her sister’s memory on her blog whenever she could.

She had always remembered her sister on her blog, but now she is no longer “Kobayashi,” like Mao. One of the main reasons may be the disconnection from her family. After the series of incidents with Ebizo, her father has disowned her and her mother has become distant from her. In particular, Maya claims that her mother is ‘brainwashed by Ebizo,’ but her mother is puzzled, saying, ‘That’s not true.” Maya became increasingly aggressive toward her mother, who did not wake up.

Finally, she declared on her blog that she had “severed ties between parent and child. Maya revealed that she had received the name “Maya Kunimitsu” from Mr. Kunimitsu, the only person she could trust.

Mr. Kunimitsu had taken the surname Kobayashi for a time during Maya’s marriage, but this time it was the other way around. It is a phenomenon that clearly shows that Kunimitsu is the one who made the decision.

Kunimitsu has recently launched a paid membership program on YouTube. The price is 6,000 yen per month, and “there is a high possibility that Maya will also appear,” according to the wide-show insider.

Maya also plans to remarry Kunimitsu in the real life. If this happens, she will have to entrust her life to Kunimitsu in both name and reality. People in the industry are concerned.

There are rumors that her husband Kunimitsu may accompany Maya to her work sites. When Maya left a TBS information program in November 2020, a weekly magazine reported that one of the reasons was that Kunimitsu had appeared at the scene with her and gave various orders to the staff. What will happen this time?

It seems that Kunimitsu holds the key to Maya’s success as an actress.

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