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Alice Hirose & Suzu, Tsubasa Honda… See How these Top 10 Actresses Shines in Their Field!

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Sisters Alice Hirose (right) and Suzu, are in third place in the number of companies that have used them in commercials.
The number of commercial appearances is a barometer of a celebrity’s popularity and likability. Many celebrities have seen their name recognition explode as a result of appearing in commercials with a strong impact. Nihon Monitor Corporate Information, a media analysis, and research company released a ranking of the number of companies using celebrities in commercials in fiscal 2009. The top 10 names were a convincing lineup.

In this issue, we will focus on actresses.

No. 9: Mio Imada (25) 10 companies (Dai-ichi Life Insurance, Mizuho Bank, P&G, etc.)

No. 5: Haruna Kawaguchi (27) 11 companies (Ajinomoto, Hamasushi, Yakult, etc.)

No. 5: Ai Ikuta (20 ) 11 companies (Iris Oyama, Sega, Dezakan, etc.)

5th : Kanna Hashimoto(23) 11 companies(Aoyama Trading, Rohto Pharmaceutical, Kao, etc.)

No. 3: Alice Hirose (27 ) 12 companies (Kirin Brewery, Taisho Pharmaceutical, Fujifilm, etc.)

No. 3: Suzu Hirose (23 ) 12 companies (Softbank, Mitsui Fudosan, Lotte, etc.)

Second place: Mana Ashida (17 ) 15 companies (ECC, Shogakukan, Yamazaki Baking, etc.)

The first-place winner was an unexpected actress who was appointed by 16 companies. ……

Reasons for the Hirose Sisters’ Breakthrough

The Hirose sisters are notable in the ranking, as they were appointed by 12 companies and ranked third together. The younger sister, Suzu, ranked first (14 companies) in the number of companies that used her in commercials in the previous year (2008). Since 2003, when she played the leading role in a drama series for the first time in “Gakkou no Kaidan” (NTV) and won the Japan Academy Award for Best New Actor for the movie “Umimachi diary,” she has been in the top three in terms of the number of companies that have used her in commercials every year.

Year 2009 was the first time that Alice, the elder sister, made the top three. Until then, she had tended to be overshadowed by her younger sister’s popularity, but her cheerful personality and positive attitude toward any kind of work made her an instant breakout star. Her steady relationship with Tadayoshi Okura of “Kanjani Eight” also increased her popularity. This year, she will be seen in the April cool season of “Love, What’s the Serious Deal with It? (Fuji Television) and “Tantei ga Hayasugiru” Haru no “Trick Return Festival”(Torikku Gaeshi Matsuri) (Nittele)


The second-ranked actress, Mana Ashida, has been featured in commercials for educational and publishing companies such as ECC and Shogakukan, probably because of her intellectual image as a student at a difficult girls’ high school in Tokyo. The actress who came in first was ……. Tsubasa Honda (29) has been used in commercials for 16 companies, including Asahi Beer, East Japan Railway Company, and Morinaga Milk Industry.

The reason for her commercial breakthrough was her role in the “LINE MOBILE (now LINEMO)” commercials in 2006. Ms. Honda showed a groovy dance and the Internet was filled with sympathetic comments like, “I want to dance too! In 2009, Ms. Honda also showed off her witty dance moves in commercials for Meisei Foods and ZOZO. This year, too, she has been featured in numerous commercials for YouCan, Sanko Pharmaceutical, and others.

The list of actresses who make the top 10 list in terms of the number of companies that use them in commercials reflects the times each year. Who will take the top spot this year?

Tsubasa Honda smiling at the launch of the drama in which she appeared in December 2016, her first No. 1 ranking in terms of the number of commercials she appeared in.
Mio Imada smiles as she holds the script for her first starring role in the drama “Bad Girl,” in which she appeared in commercials for 10 different companies.
Suzu Hirose and Momori Matsuzaka wait to be photographed at a boat pier in October 2021.
Alice Hirose looks a little tired and gestures as if she is looking at the sky before filming the drama.
Airu Ikumi at the 33rd Japan Megane Best Dresser Awards in October 2019 (Image: Pasya/Afro)
Kanna Hashimoto at the press conference for the “World Clock” pictogram by Angel Heart (Image: Pasya/Afro)
Mana Ashida delivers a congratulatory speech at the National Festival for the Enthronement of the Emperor in November 2007 (Image: Yoshio Tsunoda/Afro)
  • Photographed by Yuri Adachi Yusuke Kondo Sota Shima Pasya/Afro Yoshio Tsunoda/Afro

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