Daisuke Muramoto Tweeted HIs Score for “Downtown” as Self Proclaimed Judge and Being Brutally Frank on His Comment! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Daisuke Muramoto Tweeted HIs Score for “Downtown” as Self Proclaimed Judge and Being Brutally Frank on His Comment!

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Daisuke Muramoto of “Woman Rush Hour” gave his senior comedian “Downtown” a dry score of 73 points. He is truly “unbeatable”…Daisuke Muramoto of the comedy duo “Woman Rush Hour” seems to be in a “Musou” state.


The other day, Muramoto took to his Twitter account to talk about the manzai that “Downtown” performed at Yoshimoto Kogyo’s 110th-anniversary show held in April and May.

The controversial post read, “If I were a judge at M1, I’d give Downtown’s Manzai an 83.

If he was going to perform for 30 minutes, I wanted him to start from the beginning. The pillow was too long.

I could have done that material in five minutes,” he said. Muramoto, a mid-level comedian, gave a fearless critique of Downtown’s Manzai, which reigns as one of Yoshimoto’s top-class comedians.

But Muramoto did not stop there. Later, Muramoto took to Instagram Stories to

“83 points for Downtown’s Manzai? I was drunk when I said that. I stand corrected, it was 73.”

He gave it an even lower score.


To go so far as to blatantly take a shot at Downtown, the “signboard of Yoshimoto” and his senior comedian, was Muramoto really trying to make a point, even if it meant risking his life as a comedian. Matsumoto is on Twitter, but he has not gone through with this.

So why is Yoshimoto keeping quiet about this statement being made? We hear something like this.

In the past, when Atsuhiko Nakata of Oriental Radio made a critical comment about Matsumoto on TV, the upper management was furious. And when the executives called him out and gave him a sermon, there were rumors that Mr. Nakata had recorded it…. Mr. Miyasako also mentioned this in a YouTube conversation. Although Mr. Nakata has not revealed the truth, there is a possibility that Mr. Muramoto would be willing to speak out publicly if he were given a sermon.

Several years ago, he revealed on a TV program that he was pressured by Vice President Hiroshi Fujiwara about his comments. From Yoshimoto’s point of view, Mr. Muramoto is a person who needs to be watched carefully.

Yoshimoto is a “bridge between the public and private sectors,” and its “live-in comedians” and others take on government jobs as well as jobs for local governments throughout Japan. They are so close that they even invited former Prime Minister Abe to appear in Yoshimoto Shinki Geki. Muramoto’s criticism of the administration in his comic performances may have been a “bump on the eye” for him.

Mr. Muramoto rarely appears on TV anymore. The content of his Manzai is not only criticism of the administration, but he also talks a lot about nuclear power plants and U.S. military bases, making it difficult to use him in TV programs. There is the fear of not knowing what he will say….

Recently, he seems to be traveling around the country, mainly doing talk live shows. It is probably because he has the backing of being able to make money from live performances that he is able to give even Downtown an honest critique without relying on TV,” said a TV station official.

Muramoto’s installations include

《To request a StandUp comedy show, please send me a DM if you can gather 50 or more people and have a microphone. We will not accept requests from specific political parties, etc. I am a little late to come to the U.S. because of my Visa application.

The letter reads, “I am a little delayed in coming to the U.S. because my VISA is not approved. Muramoto was scheduled to come to the U.S. at the end of March this year to try his hand at stand-up comedy, but it seems that his visa has been delayed.

At this point, he seems to be concerned about his English ability, but we wonder if he will be able to grasp the American dream and become even more tongue-tied in the future.

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