Nozomi Sasaki Still Looking Cute in Her “Begging Pose” Despite Her Age! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nozomi Sasaki Still Looking Cute in Her “Begging Pose” Despite Her Age!

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Actress and model Nozomi Sasaki’s “begging pose” is getting too cute.

The photo that has been attracting attention is one published by Blanchel Co. Sasaki is the image model for the company’s “FLANMY” brand of colored contact lenses. In this context, the company released a new image poster of Sasaki in with the launch of two new FLANMY colors (HOJICHA BAUM and GOMA BAUM).

How can you still look good in a begging pose at any age? (from FLANMY press release)

The poster featuring Sasaki wearing Houjicha Balm color contacts is particularly popular. Sasaki is posing in a begging pose. Sasaki is wearing a pink one-piece dress, her hands are under her chin, her face is tilted at an angle, and she is smiling gently at the camera. Just looking at this photo will make you feel calm.

Sasaki said, “I am very happy that so many people are using our products. This new product comes in cute colors with a Japanese motif of sesame and hojicha (roasted green tea). Please check it out!”

Sasaki’s work as an actor has been increasing recently.

Last year, Sasaki appeared in the stage play “Drunken Angel.” She was the talk of the town for having more mature role as an actress. There is a rumor among those in the entertainment industry that she might use this opportunity to increase her work as an actor. She also appeared in a TV drama series, “Shiroi Nogoryu” (NHK BS Premium), playing the role of Tomoko Kawahara.

This year, she played the role of Nana Sasagawa in the TV series “Come Come Everybody” (NHK Sogo), and played the lead role of Nana Taira in “You Tuber Has No Daughter” (TV Tokyo). (TV Tokyo), and the role of Izumi Tachibana in “Yangotte-no Kazoku” (Fuji Television Network).

Although she is so busy that it makes one worry, she is passionate in her work. People are excited to see what more she can offer in the future!

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