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Kohei Matsushita showed “too fresh private clothes” in Ginza in the morning

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Matsushita gets into the pickup truck from the UNIQLO Ginza store in Chuo-ku, Tokyo. In his hand is a UNIQLO paper bag, perhaps given to him at an event.

On the morning of April 18, a handsome man wearing a white shirt was spotted on a sparsely populated Ginza street. He appeared on the boulevard and disappeared briskly into his pickup truck without a care in the world around him.

In fact, this fresh-looking man is Kohei Matsushita (35), an actor who is rapidly gaining popularity. Matsushita, who appears in the commercial along with actress Haruka Ayase (37), was at the UNIQLO Ginza store that morning for the launch of the company’s new commercial in which he is starring. He plays the role of a young man who falls in love with the heroine in NHK’s morning drama “Scarlett,” which has been broadcast since September 2007, and his popularity among the tea party audience has skyrocketed.

Matsushita, who is in such great form, plays the role of the heroine’s partner, played by Tsuchiya Tao (27), in this season’s drama “Yangotte no Nakui Ichizoku” (Fuji Television). In this drama, Matsushita exudes a sweet mask and gentle atmosphere, and many women are said to have fallen into the “Matsushita swamp.

In fact, Matsushita experienced a long period of downtime before making his breakthrough as an actor. Initially, he debuted as a singer in 2008, not as an actor. However, the road to becoming a singer was difficult, and he appeared in a musical when he was beginning to feel limited after a year of performing. Through his work, he felt the joy of acting and decided to pause his musical career.

Matsushita at the presentation of UNIQLO’s new campaign and new TV commercial on April 18.

This is how Matsushita began his acting career in earnest. From there, he began auditioning for morning dramas as he expanded his activities as an actor during the 10 years he spent under his belt. After four unsuccessful attempts, he won the role of the heroine played by Erika Toda (33) in the NHK morning drama “Scarlett” in 1919, which he had longed for. When the drama aired, Matsushita’s character, Soyoda Hachiro, became the talk of the town on social networking sites for his delicacy and gentleness, making viewers melt in love with him.

Before appearing in “Scarlett,” Matsushita had about 3,000 followers on Instagram, but his number quickly grew, and now has over 830,000 followers.

Matsushita often plays serious and down-to-earth roles, but she is said to be friendly on the set in her everyday life. A TV program staff member reveals Matsushita’s true colors off camera.

Actors who come to the show for promotional purposes sometimes talk with the producers and other executives, but not often with the ADs,” said a TV program staff member. Matsushita-san would talk to the staff on the spot and make the conversation lively. The show is a live broadcast, so there is a lot of activity before it goes on the air, but it was very difficult for the ADs to gather near Mr. Matsushita just to talk to him (laughs).

Now she has resumed her singing career, and all the tickets for her live tour held this year were sold out. The story of this late-blooming Cinderella boy has just begun.

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