Riho Yoshioka’s “White Sleeveless One-Ear Pose” Gets Praise from Fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Riho Yoshioka’s “White Sleeveless One-Ear Pose” Gets Praise from Fans!

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Actress Riho Yoshioka reported on her SNS that she would be appearing on “Ohten News. Comments such as, “I’m happy to see Riho every day,” and “I’m looking forward to it.

Yoshioka wrote on her Instagram, “Good morning… It’s cold… Today, I’m going to appear on Sekai Maruhon. Tomorrow I will appear on Gyoten News. I got to chat with Tsurube-san again,” she posted. Together, they also posted a photo of her in a white sleeveless outfit.

Yoshioka reported her appearance on the May 17 broadcast of “The! Sekai Ohten News” (Nippon Television Network), which aired on May 17. Yoshioka, who appeared as a guest on the program, revealed a secret story about her relationship with the show’s MC, Shofukutei Tsurube.

Yoshioka reported her appearance on the program by striking a “one-ear pose” (from her Instagram @riho_yoshioka).

Riho Yoshioka talked about the secret story behind the filming of the drama she co-starred in with Shofukutei Tsurube, in which they used sign language. Then, seeing Masahiro Nakai’s reaction, Tsurube pretended not to have seen the drama in which they appeared, but happily predicted, ‘I knew you’d watch it. Yoshioka asked, ‘Is it tsundere?’ Shigeo Takahashi asked, “What do you mean? We didn’t get it (laughs). (from the program’s website).

Yoshioka is also very active in variety shows, and the movie in which he plays the lead role, “Haken Anime! which he stars in, has just been released on May 20. Based on a novel of the same title written by Tsujimura Fukatsuki, the film is “a work drama about people struggling in the animation industry” (from the official website). Yoshioka plays Hitomi Saito, the main character who makes her dream debut as an animation director.

At the completion screening event, she said, “It’s a work of confidence! Simply. I shot the film with great care, and I’m sure it will stick with you all,” he said confidently.

Incidentally, Nakamura Rinya, who plays the role of the genius, selfish director Oji Chiharu, recalled, “(Yoshioka) told me that he thought we couldn’t get along on the movie set. Yoshioka was impatient and replied, “Please stop that kind of thing (laugh). Nakamura was “nervous” because of his role, but now they have become good friends.

He is active in variety shows and dramas, and also entertains his fans on Instagram. We can’t take our eyes off of Yoshioka like that. ……!

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