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Hot Plate for Peyoung is a Hot Topic! A Collection of Interesting Goods from Kansai!

Try it! A hot plate specially designed for Peyoung, a faucet with a bizarre design, a partition with a strong RPG feel, and more!

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Yaki Peyoung Maker,” a hot plate specially designed for Peyoung

We have an idea box set up in the company so that people can submit their ideas anytime. Also, customer feedback gives us hints for planning. We also ask the call center to directly handle requests as much as possible,” said Mr. Yama.

The inspiration for the development of the Yaki Peyoung Maker came from a funny conversation we had at a pub. We were talking about how instant cup yakisoba is not actually baked. On the way home, I bought a cup of yakisoba and cooked it in a frying pan, and it tasted really good. At that moment, I thought, ‘This is it! I thought, ‘This is it!

Shunsuke Yama, president of Ryson Corporation (Osaka Prefecture), introduced the Peyoung Hot Plate, a very niche product. The company also sells other products, such as an iron plate that can make a large takoyaki (octopus dumpling) with a diameter of 10 cm. Mr. Yama continues.

Our company’s goal has always been to create the world’s first product. We chose Peyoung because we thought it was the brand with the most core fans. The product is priced at 2,980 yen (excluding tax) and has sold more than 57,000 units to date. It has sold more than 57,000 units to date, making it our top-selling product.

However, the launch of the product was not without its challenges.

In the beginning, we were looked at coldly within the company. We had to go to a lot of trouble to find a sales channel,” he said. We also had a hard time finding sales channels. At first, we were optimistic that major general merchandise stores and discount stores would carry them, but they would not stock them, saying, ‘Do you really think this stuff will sell? But they did not stock it.

The turning point was a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for development; we planned to raise 500,000 yen, but we raised as much as 5 million yen. That gave us the confidence that we could do it. I was very pleased with the results. We thought about adding a more versatile size and function, but that would have meant being buried under a lot of similar products. We were determined to go for the one-size-fits-all approach.

In fact, there has been a series of cases in the Kansai region where products like Mr. Yama’s, which were made as a joke, have unexpectedly become a hit. One such person is Takumi Orii, president of Takumi Kogei Co. Mr. Orii reveals, “The predicament caused by the Corona disaster has created a business opportunity.

We started the company in 2008 with a debt of 10 million yen, and just when we thought business was finally getting back on track, the new Corona went viral. I lost all my business at once. In the midst of my despair, I began to receive requests from hospitals and restaurants to make partitions for infection control. I was thinking that if I was going to make partitions, I wanted to make them as exciting and smile-worthy as possible, and I came up with the idea of RPG-style partitions. I thought, ‘If I can sell two or three copies, that would be good. I was hoping to sell two or three of them, but then I got an order for more than 300 at once, and I’ve been busy making them every day.

Kakudai Co., Ltd. of Osaka Prefecture, which mainly sells replacement faucet parts, is also turning a pinch of laughter into an opportunity. Mr. Ryo Nojima of the public relations department says, “Thirty years ago, we were forced to change the JIS standard.

The relaxation of the JIS standard 30 years ago made it impossible for our products to meet the various types of molds on the market. Then, under the vice president’s policy of ‘Let’s make products that make people laugh, just like a company in the Kansai region! and in ’12, a new brand “Da Reya” was launched with an emphasis on design. The first product was a faucet with a bulging body, which made people think, “Who did you make into a metabolic syndrome? Did you make me metabolic syndrome? which was featured on “N-Sta” (TBS) and was a big hit. Since then, we have collaborated with Kinki University, famous for Kindai Tuna, to release new products one after another, such as “Who’s the guy who says ‘tuna faucet’? and other new products one after another.

(Osaka Prefecture), which develops products specifically for gamers, and Felissimo Corporation (Hyogo Prefecture), which produces edgy daily necessities such as a folding gasa that looks like a fried shrimp. Try out these idea goods that are fun to look at and convenient to use!

You can move with the blanket on! Gaming Wearable Blanket “Dame-Kimono 4G

This is a remake of a product originally released in 2001 as a “wearable blanket” for gamers only. Functionality was enhanced by increasing the range of motion and making it possible to remove only the fingertips. Brand producer Hayatoshi Kawase said. We are inundated with purchases and have already received reservations for next year’s product. The fact that the YouTube star Hajime Shacho wore one of ours drew even more attention.

Bee’s Corporation, Higashi Osaka City, Osaka, Gaming Wearable Blanket “Dame Kimono 4G

Candles with the deceased’s favorite food “Deceased’s Favorite Food Series

Kameyama Corporation Osaka City, Osaka

The candles are modeled after foods such as potato shochu, sushi, and unaju (eel stew). A person in charge of the public relations department reveals the particulars. The candles are to be used to commemorate the deceased, so we have focused on realism to the utmost. For example, in designing the “One-Cup Ozeki,” we used a glass three-quarters the size of a real glass provided by the Ozeki Sake Brewery. We also focused on functionality. We adjusted the wick, flame size, and position of the automatic extinguishing process to match the candle design.

This series alone offers more than 50 different products.

For example, for sushi, we pursued realism by having wasabi (Japanese horseradish) come out from the inside when the sushi ingredients melted. For example, in the case of sushi, wasabi comes out from the inside of the sushi when the sushi part melts. The decreasing candles have been well received, with customers saying, ‘I was so happy that the deceased really ate the food.

Kameyama Corporation Osaka City, Osaka, Japan “Favorite Foods of the Deceased Series” candles featuring the deceased’s favorite foods
Kameyama Corporation Osaka City, Osaka Favorite Foods of the Deceased Series

Playfulness in Corona Prevention Products “Droplet Prevention Partition

Takumi Kougei Corporation Takasago-shi, Hyogo

The company also sells products with magic circle designs and cartoon concentration lines. Since we originally specialized in processing acrylic panels, we had no trouble stocking them even after the Corona disaster,” says Takumi Kogei. The content of the commands can be freely changed. In the past, we even received orders from a bodywork clinic to change the commands to ‘cash’ and ‘credit card,'” says Orii.

Takumi Kougei Corporation Takasago-shi, Hyogo, Japan “Splash prevention partition” to add a sense of fun to anti-Corona products

Da Reya Eye-Catching Faucet,” a faucet with an eccentric design

Kakudai Corporation Osaka City, Osaka

Kakudai has been refining its design to differentiate itself from major companies such as LIXIL and TOTO. Mr. Nojima reveals. The vice president of Kakudai basically comes up with ideas in person, but of course, we also use internal competitions and university students. But of course, some ideas are born from internal open competitions or internships with university students. In our products, we place importance on how to put something unusual into an everyday space.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the series.

It is used in a variety of places, from restaurants to schools and civic gymnasiums. We would be more than happy if more children see our designs and say, ‘I want to make something interesting,’ and aim for a career in manufacturing,” says Nojima.

Kakudai Corporation, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan “Da Reya Eye-Catching Faucet,” a faucet with an eccentric design

Many collaborative products that make you laugh “Discovery Manjuu”, etc.

Heso Productions Osaka City, Osaka

Heso Productions is involved in many collaborative products with other companies, such as “Magic Ink” and “Hueki Paste. President Minoru Inamoto says, “There are an infinite number of combinations. I like to think about how to express myself in an infinite number of combinations. There are many companies whose products are famous but are not known as Osaka companies. By collaborating with such products, I want to convey the message that ‘Osaka is doing its best.

Heso Productions, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan, “Discovery Manju” and many other funny collaboration products

Brand “YOU+MORE!” daily necessities in the shape of food and animals.

Felissimo Corporation Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

Goods with food and animal motifs are popular. Sayo Toyokawa, business manager, says. We release 40 to 50 new products every year. Recently, we have been collaborating with other companies on an increasing number of projects. Our concept is to cut out the small happiness in daily life and incorporate it into daily necessities, so we value the small things we notice in our daily lives when coming up with ideas.

Felissimo Corporation Kobe City, Hyogo, Japan “YOU+MORE!” brand daily necessities in the shape of food and animals
Brand of daily necessities in the shape of food and animals “YOU+MORE!

From the May 20 and 27, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Takero Shigumura (Ryson), Kei Kato (Heso Productions)

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