Tsumugi Mitani’s “diet and bangs” makeover impresses fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tsumugi Mitani’s “diet and bangs” makeover impresses fans!

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TV Asahi announcer Tsumugi Mitani has been attracting a lot of attention after she posted a “photo of her bangs with a patzun makeover” on her Instagram account. Comments flooded in with praise, such as, “She looks so cute,” “It suits her so well,” and “It’s so nice.

What a fresh new look for Anna Mitani! She is showing her new charm (photo from her Instagram).

Mitani posted a clean photo of herself wearing a white shirt. Her bangs are in a clean straight line above her eyebrows. Her hair also appears to be a reddish color. She is looking at the camera with a smile, her white teeth shining.

‘I went to a hairdresser the other day. I went to Ms. Nagata, who did my hair and makeup for my wedding dress. This time, I got a heavy bun, something I haven’t done in a while! My hair color is auburn! I heard it’s called “Jam. In the end, I didn’t shorten the length this time either” (from her own Instagram).

The other day, Mitani reported that she had achieved a weight loss of 10 kg through a diet project. As part of the project, she was photographed in her wedding dress, and it is assumed that she is referring to the hair and makeup artist who was working on her wedding dress. Incidentally, the wedding dress was a “dream” she wanted to fulfill when she succeeded in her long-term diet.

The wedding dress was taken as a “matchmaking photo,” but she wondered when she would be able to wear it again, and wondered if it might be 10 years before she could wear it again. It might take 10 years or so,” she commented.

Mitani was born in 1994 in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture. He joined TV Asahi in 2017 after graduating from Hosei University with a degree in sociology. His hobby is watching sports, and he currently produces the soccer program “Love! J-League” with Rintaro. (EXIT) & Seiya (Shimobori Meisei). On Mitani’s Instagram, titled “Local J,” he has uploaded photos of himself wearing the uniforms of various J-League teams to promote the show.

Incidentally, she is also known as “the most buzzed-about announcer of the moment. Her excellent proportions have led to her being selected for the cover photogravure of two major youth manga magazines, “Young Magazine” and “Young Jump,” and in many other ways she has attracted a great deal of attention.

Mitani’s activities are remarkable. We can’t take our eyes off of her any more. ……!

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