Hezuma Ryu, Shiba… People who started flocking to Sho Taguchi, the suspect of misdirected money transfers. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hezuma Ryu, Shiba… People who started flocking to Sho Taguchi, the suspect of misdirected money transfers.

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Mayor Norihiko Hanada speaks to reporters at the Abu Town Hall in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The suspect, Sho Taguchi, has expressed his intention to refund the money…

The “46.3 million yen man” has been arrested.

On May 18, an unemployed man, Sho Taguchi, was arrested by the Yamaguchi Prefectural Police on suspicion of computer fraud in connection with the mistaken transfer of 46.3 million yen in benefits related to the new Corona by the town of Abu-cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

According to the prefectural police, on April 12, Taguchi allegedly posed as his own money, knowing that it was deposited in error by the town, and used his smartphone to transfer 4 million yen to the account of a settlement agent, and tricked a financial institution in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, where the agent had opened an account, to obtain illegal The suspect is suspected of obtaining illegal profits. The suspect told the lawyer representing him that

He claimed to his attorney that he spent all the money at an overseas Internet casino.

He claimed to his attorney that he “spent all the money at an overseas Internet casino. The suspect is said to have responded honestly to the questioning, apologized, and expressed his intention to repay the money….

On the other hand, the town that misdirected the money has filed a claim for restitution of approximately 51 million yen, including nearly 5 million yen in legal fees, and has also been criticized for publicly announcing the man’s name and address.

In the midst of all this, a number of people are flocking to the suspect Sho Taguchi, who has become a “man of the moment.

One of them is Hezuma Ryu, a former nuisance YouTube star. Hezuma, who hails from Yamaguchi Prefecture, is a former nuisance YouTuber who was criticized by name for moving around the prefecture two years ago while infected with corona.

I’ll take your 46.3 million yen on your shoulders. I understand how you feel. If you want to change, DM me,” he said on Twitter.

He called for change on Twitter.

Flame-mongering YouTube star and martial artist Shifter also took to his YouTube channel to lecture Taguchi, saying, “I’m not going to let my (sub-channel) ‘Pachi Pachi’ get away with this.

He asked Taguchi, “Why don’t you play pachinko on my (sub-channel) ‘Pachinko & Pachislot Japan Representative Channel’? I’ll hire you for 46.3 million yen for 10 years. Work as an employee. And pay back all the money.

He proposed a rescue plan. Atsusuke Minowa, an editor at Gentosha, also took to Twitter to offer a bailout plan.

If you have spent 46.3 million yen at an online casino, please DM me.

Minowa posted on Twitter, “If you have spent 46.3 million yen at an online casino, please DM me. Mr. Minowa has produced a book about Mr. Iitaka Igawa, former chairman of Daio Paper Corporation, who dissolved over 10 billion yen in overseas casinos, and he seems to think that Taguchi should use the royalty income from the book to repay the money.

Mr. Minowa also plans to publish an autobiography of Yoshikazu Higashitani, a.k.a. Gershwin. He is calling on Taguchi, saying, ‘I am in charge of both Mr. Igawa and Mr. Garcy, so we are not enemies.

Advising him to “follow the same path” as Gershey is former 2channel administrator Hiroyuki. In a recent broadcast of ABEMA’s program

If you open a YouTube channel, you will get about one million subscribers. I think that will pay for itself.

He advised, “I think you can get your money’s worth with that. However, he said, “If I am arrested and prosecuted, I will not be able to get an account.

If you are arrested and prosecuted, the screening process for opening an account will become more severe. There are victims in this case. Even if they were able to open an account, it would probably be a temporary thing.

Some people are of the opinion that “even if he could open an account, it would only be a transient thing.

There are still many unknowns concerning the 46 million yen that Taguchi claims to have used up. Some say that since the cash went through an overseas online casino, it has been converted to cryptocurrency, making it difficult to trace and repay the money.

Taguchi is now 24 years old. In his graduation album, “What if the Last Day on Earth Comes?” to

“I will spend all my money.

However, the fact that the disappearance of the large sum of money in less than a month has led to rumors of the existence of a third party who could serve as a “guiding light. If it attracts attention, there is a possibility that it could turn into business – a very modern phenomenon.

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