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Special circumstances of the visit to the “Inagawa-kai Headquarters” by the assistant head of Yamaguchigumi VI

Shomei Takeuchi, Chairman of Kodokai About 10 gang members were on guard in front of the headquarters, surrounded by an undercover police car and many plainclothes policemen. ......

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Takeuchi (center) and Uchibori (right) come out of Inagawa-kai’s general headquarters on May 9. They got into separate cars and drove off.

On the morning of May 9, men in suits gathered in front of a building on a main street in Roppongi (Minato-ku), Tokyo, with about 10 men who looked like gang members standing guard around them. Several undercover police cars are parked on the nearby street, with numerous plainclothes investigators waiting inside. Around 11:30 a.m., a man emerges from this building. He is Mr. Teruaki Takeuchi, the assistant head of Yamaguchigumi VI and chairman of the Kodokai.

Mr. Takeuchi, who is said to be the number three of the Yamaguchigumi VI, visited this building because it houses the headquarters of the designated crime syndicate Inagawa-kai. Mr. Takeuchi and Kazuya Uchibori, the chairman of Inagawa-kai, are brothers, and it is said that their ties are very strong” (reporter from a national newspaper).

Perhaps because of their close relationship, Mr. Takeuchi was dressed casually that day, wearing a T-shirt and a set-up and a pair of flashy sneakers with a white background and red soles on his feet.

The sneakers were Christian Louboutin’s “Loubishark” sneakers, which were released in October 2008. Loubishark These sneakers are a model called ‘Loubishark,’ which was released by Christian Louboutin in October 2008. Many celebrities and models are fans of these sneakers, and the regular price is about 130,000 yen.

Mr. Takeuchi came out of the building with Mr. Uchibori, got into a minivan, and quickly drove away.

Why did Mr. Takeuchi visit the Inagawa-kai headquarters on that day? The reason is deeply related to the recent uproar in the gangster industry.

On May 7, Shinichi Matsuyama, the fifth head of the Kyokuto-kai, a designated crime syndicate, passed away. He was a “charismatic figure of the East” who was known for his militant spirit.

Matsuyama’s funeral was held at a temple in Ikebukuro as a family affair. Originally, the Kyokuto-kai had planned to hold a “funeral service” for Matsuyama, but the police had urged them to hold it as a family affair. Instead, various groups, including the Inagawa-kai and Sumiyoshi-kai, visited the family home where the body was laid to rest to offer their condolences. Among them, from the Yamaguchigumi VI, Seiji Takayama, a young leader of the Yamaguchigumi, personally visited the house.

Furthermore, on May 8, a passenger car rammed into the home of Tadashi Irie, the head of the Takumi clan of the Kobe Yamaguchigumi in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture. A man in his 20s living in Aichi Prefecture was arrested on suspicion of destruction of structures. The Osaka police are investigating the man as having ties to the Yamaguchigumi VI.

Nonfiction writer Tomohiko Suzuki, who is familiar with the gang situation, said, “The Kyokutokai is a gang that operates in the Kabuki-kai district of Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The Kyokutokai has a ‘yard’ (territory) in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district and other good spots. With Matsuyama’s death, the weight of the gang industry will be lifted and the power structure will probably change. As long as the Yamaguchigumi’s war of division continues, incidents like the one in which a car plowed into the Takumi clan leader’s house will continue to occur sporadically. In such a situation, the condolence visit of Wakao Takayama and Takeuchi’s visit to the Inagawa-kai are likely aimed at confirming the relationship with friendly groups and appealing it to the outside world.”

It will soon be seven years since the outbreak of the divisional war. The situation is changing from the “stagnant period.

From the June 3, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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