Ryubei Ueshima talks about his “anxiety about his art” and his “too-deep love for his juniors | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryubei Ueshima talks about his “anxiety about his art” and his “too-deep love for his juniors

I'm really happy that those guys are selling well," he said tearfully. ......

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Ostrich Club interviewed by this magazine in 2002

He said, “It seems that he hardly went out drinking these days. It seems that Ken Shimura’s death from the new type of corona was a real shock to him, and he refrained from going out because he thought that if he too contracted corona, he would be in trouble. He was still doing the Zoom drinking with his friends and juniors, but he was a man who liked to drink a lot, so he may have been feeling depressed.

Mr. A, a friend of Ryubei Ueshima (61 years old), who passed away on May 11, said so.

Neither the entertainment world nor his fans have yet accepted the shock of Ueshima’s death. Akashiya Sanma spoke of Ueshima as “my favorite comedian and my favorite junior comedian” on his radio program “Young Town Saturday” on May 14, saying, “As expected, I was also very sad. on the 15th, “Akiko Wada said, “Did you know that the other party and everyone would be so sad because of this? The people who are left behind are like this,” she said in a choked voice.

Ueshima’s friends and acquaintances in the entertainment world were not the only ones stunned by the news of his death. Although they have not been able to see each other much recently due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, he says that he has nothing but good memories of Ueshima.

He was a really good person, loved by everyone, senior and junior alike. On TV, he gives the impression of being cheerful and pleasant, but in reality he was a very sensitive person. I remember that when he got drunk, he would repeatedly ask himself, ‘Am I really funny? Sometimes when he got drunk, he would get a little gloomy.”

Mr. Ueshima during the filming of the drama “Yangonaki Kazoku” in March of this year.

Mr. Ueshima was adored by many of his juniors. He was also featured on “Ametalk! (TV Asahi), a well-known TV program.

Mr. Ueshima would often talk about his juniors when he was drunk. Mr. Ueshima would often talk about his juniors when he was drunk. He talked about Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, Teruyuki Tsuchida, Hitori Gekidan, and other members of the “Ryuhei Kai. Mr. Ueshima had known them since they were still unknown and took good care of them, so he was really happy that they were successful. Even though he was so drunk that he lost his memory, he said, “I am really happy that Ariyoshi has sold” and “(Gekidan Hitori) has talent, I always thought so. I am really happy that he became famous. There were times when he was in tears as he spoke.

I thought that Ryubei, as a comedian himself, might be jealous and frustrated because the younger members of the “Ryubeikai” were becoming more and more successful. However, I never heard any negative comments from Ryuhei about his juniors. Even when he became a little gloomy when drunk, he never spoke ill of his juniors. He just said, ‘I’m really glad those guys are selling. He really was a person liked by everyone.”

Hiroko Ariyoshi recalled on his radio show on March 15, when he met Mr. Ueshima’s body and said, “I was going to say he was an idiot, but all I could say was thank you. Mr. Ueshima’s feelings are surely being conveyed to his juniors and loved ones.

  • Photographed by Kazuhiko Nakamura Yusuke Kondo

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