Tomohisa Yamashita’s “Honest Real Estate” Highly Acclaimed; Industry Ratings Soar with Gershie Support | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tomohisa Yamashita’s “Honest Real Estate” Highly Acclaimed; Industry Ratings Soar with Gershie Support

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Tomohisa Yamashita, who played the leading role in NHK’s “Honest Fudosan” for the first time in a series of terrestrial dramas after leaving the Johnny’s office in…

Tomohisa Yamashita, who left the Johnny’s office in 2008, is doing well.

His NHK drama series “Masanao Fudosan,” which started in April, has been very well received. The drama is Yamashita’s first starring role in a terrestrial drama since becoming independent, and he must be relieved.

The drama tells the story of Nagase Zaichi, a “slick” real estate salesman played by Yamashita, who is unable to tell a lie because of a haunting he experienced when he destroyed a shrine on a planned construction site. It is a comical depiction of the real estate industry, which deceives sellers and buyers by using all kinds of tricks of the trade.

Although based on a popular manga, the ratings have been in the single digits, hardly a passing grade. However, the media and the Internet have given it generally favorable reviews.

The TV station did not have to make such a big discovery because it was not a fight with the Johnny’s office, but rather both parties agreed to go independent. Yamashita also appeared in “TOKYO VICE,” a serial drama co-produced by WOWOW and HBO Max, which has been airing since April. Also, in February of this year, she released her first single CD in a year and a half. She is doing really well in terms of work,” said a women’s magazine reporter.

Yamashita is also being supported by an unexpected person: Mr. Yoshikazu Azumaya of “Girshy ch,” the king of exposure in the entertainment industry, whose YouTube subscriber base has surpassed 1.2 million people.

Speaking of Mr. Higashitani, he has exposed the private lives of celebrities such as Tsuyoshi Ayano and Yu Shirota on his channel, putting them in a tight spot. He is a natural enemy of celebrities and entertainment production companies, but since the channel was first established, he has been a great admirer of Yamashita-san’s personality,” said a sports newspaper reporter.

What further boosted Yamashita’s reputation was that Higashitani revealed the backstory behind the “taking away of a smartphone incident” that took place in 2002.

At the time, Yamashita was in trouble with an unknown couple at a club in Roppongi with former “KAT-TUN” member Jin Akanishi and former “Kanjani Eight” member Ryo Nishikido. After a dispute over whether or not he had taken pictures of them with his cell phone, Yamashita took the woman’s phone and was arrested on suspicion of destruction of property.

Yamashita took the brunt of the blame for the incident, but there were reports that Akanishi and Nishikido were actually more heated than Yamashita. Higashitani said, “I heard this from Yamapa,” and revealed that after the incident became public, there was no contact from the two at all until Yamashita held a substantive apology press conference.

He revealed that Yamashita had insulated Akanishi and Nishikido from him because he had placed the blame on Yamashita alone and had not received any apology or words of gratitude. Yamashita’s stock exploded in the industry because he, who knows the other side of the entertainment world, was on Yamashita’s shoulders,” said a person involved in a wide-ranging TV show.

(A wide-show insider) “Garcy ch” is now attracting attention not only from people in the entertainment industry, but also from the advertising industry as a “physical examination. With not only the drama’s reputation but also the king of exposure on his side, it seems that Yamapa will continue to make great strides.

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