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The Fall of Mariupol Makes Real the “Outbreak of World War III” Fearful Scenario

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President Vladimir Putin maintains a bullish stance while becoming increasingly isolated in the international community. The danger of an all-out clash with the West is growing (Image: Reuters/Afro)

The 83-day offensive appears to have come to a conclusion.

On May 17, some 260 soldiers who had been holed up in the Azovstari steel mill in Mariupol, southeastern Ukraine, surrendered. Russia is believed to have effectively taken Mariupol. The Russians initially planned to capture the capital city of Kiev in a few days, but gave up due to an unexpected counterattack by the Ukrainian army. From now on, Russia is reportedly planning to use Mariupol as a foothold to intensify its invasion of the southern part of the country.

Itsuro Nakamura, a professor at Tsukuba Gakuin University and an expert on the situation in Russia, said, “Russia’s aim is to take over the Black Sea coast.

Russia’s goal is to control the Black Sea coast. Russia’s immediate targets are the key strategic city of Cherson and the port city of Odesa.

The objective is two-fold: first, the control of the southern part of the Black Sea will facilitate supply from the Crimean Peninsula, and second, it will allow the Russian government to expand its supply chain. Until now, food, weapons, and ammunition have been transported from Russian territory via dilapidated bridges, but the fall of Herson would establish a land supply route.

Second, we can deal a major blow to Ukraine. Ukraine’s largest export is wheat and other grains. If Russia takes control of Odesa, exports by sea will become difficult. This could put a strain on the Ukrainian economy.”

Why an accidental attack on NATO would happen

If you continue along the Black Sea coast, you will end up in Moldova, Ukraine’s neighbor. Moldova is a country with a complex situation similar to that of Ukraine. The eastern part of the country is inhabited by Russian citizens, while the western part is inhabited by people close to the Western camp. Professor Nakamura continues.

Recently, there have been explosions in eastern Moldova. It is probably the work of the Russians. I think they are using the same logic as in Ukraine to make up a story that the Russian population is under attack and are planning an invasion.

If Russia were to intensify its military activities along the Black Sea coast, the war could escalate from Ukraine to Europe and then to the entire world, according to the report.

Ships from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), including those from the United Kingdom and the United States, have been seen entering and leaving Odesa. There is a possibility that the West could be attacked incidentally by Russian forces; a full-scale conflict with NATO could occur.

A war with the West would no longer be a local war. It would escalate into World War III. Russia cannot compete with the West with conventional weapons. President Putin, who is extremely fearful of the threat from the West, would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons. The outbreak of nuclear war, a crisis for mankind, is becoming a reality,” said Professor Nakamura.

With the fall of Mariupol, the situation in Ukraine has entered a new stage. Depending on the movements of the Russian military, the entire world could suffer a tragedy.

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