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The older brother is a cat…! They have the same sleeping position, too!

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What a cute connection!

This is a very funny photo published on Twitter. A baby and a cat are sleeping in the same pose…. You can see how well they get along, and it gives a very peaceful feeling. I want to make a postcard of it just as it is!

This shot, which has a great healing effect, is getting a lot of likes on Twitter. on Twitter.

Konatsu’s master said, “Not only the direction of their bodies, but also the angles of their arms and legs and the size of their bodies are almost the same.

(Konatsu-chan’s master),” says Konatsu (@konatsudayo529). Previously, she lived with her husband and their Scottish Fold boy, Konatsu. It was only recently that a baby girl was born. She is a younger sister to Konatsu.

At first, Konatsu was sleeping at her sister’s feet, but about 30 minutes later, when her sister turned over in her sleep, she got into this sleeping position. I didn’t expect to see them sleeping so much alike, so I was very surprised (Konatsu-chan’s master).”

Her master, who was sleeping beside her, woke up at once when he noticed this. Konatsu-chan may miss her younger sister who has started going to preschool, and on weekends she sleeps even closer to her sister than before. I would like to tell her that it is okay not to leave her sister at this point.

On this day, they slept together in a “banzai” pose. It looks like they are playing together in their dreams.

Before her baby sister was born, she wondered if she would be able to get along with Konatsu-chan, but her worries were blown away when she met her for the first time.

She did not claw or bite the baby at all and seemed to gently touch the baby as if she cared for him, which made me feel very warm and fuzzy. I remember that on the day the baby came home, he was happily sleeping in the coofan with us (Konatsu-chan’s master).”

A reliable big brother! He looks like a lion, if you don’t mind me saying so…?

In the YouTube channel “With Konatsu. you can watch the scene of their first meeting! The reaction of Konatsu-chan and her angelic sister is absolutely adorable!

They all love their mother!
Even their hands are the same size!
Konatsu-chan helps her sister practice turning over.
Gentle hands overlapping each other.

Konatsu gently watches over her little sister. I’m sure her sister can sense her feelings as well. Why don’t you take a peek into the warm and gentle atmosphere of the Konatsu-chan family and be healed as well?

(You can follow the daily lives of the Konatsu-chan family on their Twitter account @konatsudayo529. Or search for “Konatsu!)

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