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Katsuhiro Higo and Djimon Terakado of the Dacho Club “On location without Tatsu-chan

I wish we could have cranked up "Yangotoku no Nake no Ichizoku" together!

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Around 9:30 a.m., Higo walked from the pickup truck to the shooting location. He behaved as usual, but his expression showed fatigue.

No matter how sad things get, we are all Kururimppa!”

On May 11, Ryubei Ueshima of the comedy trio “Dacho Club” passed away at the age of 61. The opening sentence is part of a comment made by Katsuhiro Higo (59), the leader of the group, following his death. Fans were relieved by the upbeat comments, which were typical of the “Ostrich Club,” but Higo and Jimon Terakado (59) were said to be quite exhausted. Immediately after Ueshima’s death, this magazine captured Higo and Terakado on location for the drama.

Higo and Terakado were playing regular customers at a teishokuya (set restaurant) with Ueshima in the drama “Yangotake no Ichizoku” (Fuji Television Network), which began airing in April. On the day of the shooting without Ueshima, the atmosphere at the site was said to be somber.

Terakado-san and Higo-san were clearly tired and seemed to feel sorry for their co-stars. The costumes were red, blue, and yellow, the colors of a signal when the three of them were together, and everyone naturally thought that the three of them would be able to crank it up together. ……

The farewell to Mr. Ueshima, who had spent 37 years with the group since its formation, came all too suddenly.

Terakado was heading to the next location in the light rain. Terakado checked the pickup truck with a staff member who held out an umbrella and got into it quickly.
A commemorative photo displayed at “Ojandon,” a Korean restaurant frequented by the “Ryuhei Kai. It shows the strength of his bond with his junior colleagues.
Ostrich club members interviewed by this magazine in 2002.

From the June 3, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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