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Tomomi Kahara Worries About Her Husband’s Illegitimate Child and Reports of Domestic Violence

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Tomomi Kahara revealed that she got married without knowing that her husband had a child with his ex-wife. She finally found happiness, but…“I feel like an idiot because I didn’t know he had a child with his ex-wife.”

Singer Tomomi Kahara has been the subject of a string of concerned comments.


On May 14, she updated her YouTube channel and spoke about her husband’s history of divorce, illegitimate children, and reports of alleged domestic violence that were reported in some quarters.

Kahara gave birth to her first son in August ’19, unmarried. Last August, she married Tomohiro Ohno, who is in charge of her management. Mr. Ohno is also the representative of Kahara’s office.

It all started with an article in Bunshun Online on the 10th of this month. It was reported that Mr. Ohno had a history of marriage and divorce, and that he had three children with his ex-wife.

It was also reported that he sometimes used to engage in severe domestic violence against his ex-wife. In an interview with Bunshun, Kahara said

“My husband doesn’t have any children. He has never been married. Please do the investigation.”

However, she later realized that she was wrong.

Kahara appeared in the video looking all at once gaunt. 

She revealed that her husband had been lying to her for a long time and that she felt like an idiot for having entered the registry without knowing it.

She revealed, “I feel like an idiot now that I entered the registry without knowing it.” She was also angry that Ohno had not paid child support to his ex-wife for more than 20 years.

“I hate him. I really feel sorry for (his ex-wife), and I think it must have been hard for her to raise three children. He should apologize (to his ex-wife) and pay child support.”

Also, regarding the domestic violence allegations.


“He said that the incident was so severe that the window glass was broken, and that the children cried while he was doing it. I’ve never been beaten by him, but I’m a little scared. I don’t even want to imagine one year, two years, three years from now, my son will be crying so hard after being beaten!”

In the video, a distraught Ohno also said

“I want to die. I’m deep in the mountains of Ibaraki with charcoal briquettes in my car.”

Kahara then joined them with their son.

As for the couple’s future, Kahara says that she has been advised by those around her to get a divorce.

“I don’t know whether I will get a divorce or continue to be with him. I don’t know. The most important thing is my son. I don’t want to do anything that will hurt him.”

Kahara’s first priority is her child. The reason why she cannot decide to divorce immediately is because her son is attached to Mr. Ohno.

Mr. Ohno also apologized deeply to Ms. Kahara and promised her that he would never lie to her again. However, in the video, Ms. Kahara expresses her mixed feelings about the fact that her son and his ex-wife’s child will be connected (by blood) as long as they are married, saying, “That’s a little heavy on my heart.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

Nevertheless, Kahara is facing difficulties one after another. She once took a leave of absence due to a mental and physical disorder caused by her work with music producer Tetsuya Komuro on the music scene in the Heisei era. Even after returning to work, she was the subject of controversy when she was rushed to the emergency room in the middle of the night.

After overcoming such problems in the past, she has finally found peace in her life. In her YouTube videos, she shows her energetic efforts in voice training and dieting. Recently, she uploaded a photo on SNS of her entire family on a job location in Osaka. Fans who know Kahara’s personality voiced their concerns.

“She is the type of person who is stoic and concentrates on one thing at a time. She lost 26 kilograms in just over four months. I’m worried that she will think too much about this case and fall to the bottom.”

“Ms. Kahara’s past scandals have made it difficult for her to rely on her immediate family and siblings. It would be nice if she had someone by her side to look out for her.” (Another female fan)

Her husband is currently “separated” from her, and Kahara has retained a lawyer to discuss the future of their relationship. The conditions she has presented to her husband include financial support.

On January 15, Kahara posted an “apology” from Ohno on her Twitter page. The relationship between the artist and management has been maintained for the time being.

However, “Our private discussions have not yet been resolved. There is no doubt that I have deeply hurt my wife.”

He added, “We are planning to set up a meeting to discuss the matter further. We will see what kind of decision Kahara will make in the end.”

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