Ken Watabe: “Adultery Punting” Becomes a Board-Setting Tip, Leading to Full Revival | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ken Watabe: “Adultery Punting” Becomes a Board-Setting Tip, Leading to Full Revival

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Ken Watabe is back with his regular show “Anjush, Black and White. He has also become adept at taking the heat from his fellow comedians for “picking on” him about his infidelity…

Anjash Watabe Takeru has returned to work after being suspended for a year after it was reported that he had been having an affair with several women. He is currently appearing on his only regular program, “B&W Anjush” (Ciba Television).

This program is broadcast on the network by local stations, and while some stations, such as Tokyo MX, have cancelled the broadcast, others, such as KBS Kyoto, have responded in different ways, such as airing the episode in which he returns to his adulterous ways.

When the comeback episode begins, especially when talented comedians such as Masakazu Mimura, Gekidan Hitori, and Chihara Jr. appear on the program, they begin to torment Watabe to no end. Gekidan Hitori said

I watched your press conference! Please do that! I’m going to say…” When Watabe teased him with “I’m not going to say…”

Watabe responded, “That’s not a gag.

Watabe said, “That’s not a gag.

Watabe said shyly, “That’s not a gag. When asked at the press conference whether he would return to the Downtown year-end special, Watabe brushed it off, and a reporter remarked, “We’re not here for the kids either. Gekidan Hitori teasingly asked him what he thought at the time.

Watanabe and the reporter had had a relationship since that time, and they had always joked around with each other at the press conference.

He was asked, “He didn’t mean to offend you, but he was just trying to change the atmosphere, wasn’t he?

Chihara Jr. was a member of the TV and radio crews at the time, and he was a member of the press.

Chihara Jr. had commented on Watabe’s infidelity on TV and radio at the time.

Whose comments did you find unacceptable?”

Chihara Jr. cut right to the chase. Watanabe replied.

He said, “No, no, no, you are all doing your jobs, and you cannot defend me. After a year and eight months of house arrest, you lose your anger.

But his partner, Kazuya Kojima, said, “Ogiyahagi is too much.

But his partner, Kazuya Kojima, asked, “Isn’t Ogiyahagi talking too much? Isn’t that too much?

When his partner Kazuya Kojima asked, “Isn’t Ogiyahagi talking too much?

Watanabe immediately replied, “Yes, there was a little bit of that.

Watanabe immediately replied, “There was a little bit of Ogiyahagi,” and there was laughter.

Although Ogiyahagi is the junior member of the office, he has been talking on the radio.

Watabe-san’s gourmet food and Koshien are both for cheating.

and teased him by assuming that he was cheating by being away from his family.

Junior revealed that one restaurant had Watabe’s autograph on display, but when he went to the restaurant after the riot, he found that they had removed Watabe’s autograph. He said that he was absolutely mortified, “This is not right….”

He said that he knew that Watabe had also had pictures and other items displayed in the restaurant removed. Then Junior said.

said, “If I were the store, I would hang them in the bathroom.”

And then he said

“No! It would have a meaning.

Watanabe responded with a laugh.

Basically,” Watanabe said, “you are modest and reflective, but when someone makes fun of you, you respond with a good joke and turn it into a laugh. I think he keeps in mind that this is the most important job he can do at the moment.

I have always been very good at crosstalk. This time, I invited Junior for “B&W,” but he will also be appearing on “NIKETSU! (NTV) and the monthly “Chihara Talk” live show. I think the attention will be very high,” said a TV station official.

(TV station insider) “If the sponsors say no, Anjush won’t be able to appear on TV, but for live theater performances, there will be no problem. With a little help from his fellow comedians, he may soon be able to make a full comeback…

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