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Alice Hirose & Suzu, Ryuhei Matsuda & Shota… Profile of “Entertainment Brothers and Sisters

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The Hirose sisters in Shibuya, Tokyo. After lightly bailing to the staff, the two came down the stairs shoulder to shoulder, photographed in May 2006.

Alice Hirose, 27, is probably one of the busiest actresses in the entertainment industry today.

Since the beginning of this year, she has appeared in commercials for five different companies. (Fuji Television) and “Tantei ga Haya Sukeri Haru no Trick Return Festival” (Nippon Television) in April. He is also scheduled to appear in next year’s NHK historical drama “Dousuru Ieyasu”.

The reason for her popularity is her positive personality.

She is good at playing “beloved characters” with comical expressions. It is actresses like Alice who are valued in dramas. Her character is uninhibited. Her positive character broadens her range and probably improves her acting ability” (employee at a commercial key station).

Her younger sister Suzu (23) is not to be outdone. Her film “Ryuwani no Tsuki” (Moon in the Stream), in which she stars with Momori Matsuzaka, is doing well. Her photo book “Leisure Treasure,” released in February to commemorate the 10th anniversary of her debut, was also a smash hit.

In contrast to her older sister Alice, Suzu is a very steady person. She rarely goes out for fun at night. She is not at all pompous.

Both siblings’ commercials ranked high in terms of likability.

Ryuhei Matsuda leads his wife Morgan in chic attire. Many people looked back at them because they are an actor and a model. 21 April photo.
Shota and his wife Kozue Akimoto coming out of a club in Shibuya. Dazzling in a flamboyant tuxedo and pure white wedding dress; photo taken in September 2006.

In addition to Alice and Suzu Hirose, there are many other siblings active in the entertainment industry. Hikari Mitsushima (36) and model Minami (31), breakout stars Mone Kamishiraishi (24) and Moka (22), and celebrities Reina Triendl (30) and Runa (28). ……

A prime example of sibling actors would be Ryuhei (39) and Shota (36), sons of the famous actor Yusaku Matsuda.

Both of the commercials in which they appear are ranked in the top 10 in terms of likability (according to the CM Research Institute’s March 2010 “CM likability ranking by product and service”). The commercial in which Ryuhei appears is for “UQ,” which came in seventh place. Hikari Mitsushima plays the queen and Ryuhei plays the butler. Each commercial is a drama, with Mr. Mitsushima poking fun at Mr. Matsuda’s blabbermouth. The comical direction seems to be attracting more and more fans!

Mr. Shota appears in “au,” which has topped the list for three consecutive months. The three characters are very easy to understand. Mr. Matsuda plays the second Momotaro comically with the same aura and expressive power as his father Yusaku, and his fresh image may be perfect for advertising, as he was ranked first in the male category in the “CM likability ranking” in 2002. (A person involved in production)

Brothers and sisters are popular celebrities. The fact that there is friendly competition within the family may be a factor in their success.

Hikari Mitsushima and her younger sister, model Minami (right), photographed in September 2001.
Mone Kami Shiraishi and Moka Kami Shiraishi
October 2008. Older sister Reina Triendl (left) and younger sister Runa enjoying shopping at a department store in Shibuya.
Mai and Mao Asada
In May 2006, after lunch with her sisters, older sister Yayoi (right) snapped this shot of Koyuki and her second son
Mary Jun Takahashi and Yu
  • Photographed by Yuri Adachi, Yuya Kawasaki, Takero Yuzoku, Toshikatsu Tanaka, Ippei Hara

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