Industry Members Discussed in a Row! The Qualities Truly Desired in a 2021 Female Announcer | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Industry Members Discussed in a Row! The Qualities Truly Desired in a 2021 Female Announcer

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Iwata is a candidate to become the next ace “post-Mizuto. She has been the MC of “Sukkiri” (Nittele) since 2009.

A: “I haven’t had a boyfriend for 28 years”?

A “ In terms of Teresa, she has been in charge of her own program “Yoko Oshita Wide! Scramble” since 1919, is also an ace. However, we hear that Ms. Oshita is very well liked by viewers, but not so well liked by the staff. It is said that he has a policy of not getting along with the staff and does not work together with them on productions.

B “ It’s like being a celebrity (laughs). If I were to talk about the Tele Asahi, I would like to work with Mio Hayashi, 28, because of her strong character as a “young lady from Kamakura who has not had a boyfriend in 28 years. Nowadays, people reveal their pasts on social networking sites, such as “I was an ex-boyfriend,” etc. No one would tell a simple lie about not having a boyfriend for 28 years, so it must be true. If this is the case, there is no doubt that there is something that will tickle the hearts of the men in the world. From a broadcaster’s point of view, it would be a great opportunity to ask “What about you, Anna Hayashi, who doesn’t seem to be in love? and the conversation can easily expand. It would be fun to use the fact that she has no boyfriend as an opportunity to talk about the latest in matching apps.

A “ I would like to work with Maonko Hibi (28) of TBS. She is popular with the staff. I hear that once you work with her, everyone, regardless of gender, falls in love with her. She is bright, has a strong core, and has very good presentation skills. However, through the TV screen, she tends to be too much of an honor student, so I want her to come out of her shell and do her best by showing that she is actually a heavy drinker.

C “ I see potential in Nittele’s Erina Iwata (26). She is good at imitating Ryoko Shinohara and is actually an interesting character. She seems a bit quiet in variety shows, so if she can sell herself as a bouncy character analyst, she should be more popular.

A “ What is hard to team up with are announcers who are not persuasive. For example, NHK’s Maho Kuwako (34). She has a flamboyant image of romantic relationships, but even if she does news programs with wrinkles between her eyebrows ……”

B “ I guess the same reason why Chiharu Saito (25), an announcer at Tereso, left the “Hatori Shinichi Morning Show”. The program has been taking a tough stance against the new Corona, but the announcer in charge of the program was having a love affair and staying in bed with someone. I wonder if there was a judgment within the station that it lacked persuasive power.

C: “ The reputation of TBS’s Mako Tamura, 26, is also not good. Although she has a reputation for her good looks and her ability to read scripts, I hear that she doesn’t greet the staff very often. She is in charge of the up-and-coming program called “Lavit! a show that is on the upswing, and she has many opportunities to interact with successful comedians, but she doesn’t make the most of them. I haven’t been able to break the “cute me” routine. My father is Norihisa Tamura, 57, former Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare, but I don’t use that in my stories either. He says that he is not allowed to mention it in his programs, which is a real waste of time.

Just having a high spec is not enough to survive as an announcer in 2022.

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