Fans are thrilled with Maki Okasae’s “Confession of how she first met her racer husband”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans are thrilled with Maki Okasae’s “Confession of how she first met her racer husband”!

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Free announcer Maki Okazoe revealed the beginning of her relationship with her husband, racing driver Naoya Gamo, on the May 12 broadcast of the variety program “Ningen Observation Variety Monitoring” (TBS).

We hope they will build a happy family…! (Photo from her Instagram @maki_okazoe_official)

Okazoe was born in 1992 in Osaka Prefecture. While a student at Waseda University, she worked as a weathercaster on Fuji Television’s “Mezamashi TV Aqua” as an active female college student. After graduation, she joined the entertainment agency St. Force and worked as a weathercaster for “Mezamashi Saturday” and a sportscaster for “Mezamashi TV. Recently, she has expanded her activities to radio, and took charge of her own program, “Maki Okazoe’s Hokuhoku Myujikku” (Bunka Hoso) from January 2019 to March 2020.

Okazoe made headlines when she announced her marriage to racing driver Gamo in April 2022. Okazoe also appeared as a reporter on the motorsports program “SUPER GT+” (TV Tokyo).

She said, “This is a personal matter, but I would like to report that I got married a little while ago to racing driver Naoya Gamo. When I am with him, I can laugh at the most trivial things and feel a peaceful, warm feeling as if I am wrapped in a fluffy cushion” (from Okazoe’s Instagram).

Then, on “Monitoring” on May 12, Okazoe candidly told the story of how they first became acquainted, which fans had been wondering about. The two made quick progress in their romance, revealing, “On our first date, he told me he wanted to be in a relationship with me. It was quick.

As for her husband, she said, “Originally, he has my type of face, and he’s funny inside, too. The date spot she often goes to is “Kaitenzushi” (conveyor-belt sushi). They went to Kaitenzushi on the day they joined the family and at Christmas. The birth of a big couple has been a big hit with the public, but fans must be relieved to see a more folksy side to the couple.

We can’t take our eyes off Okazoe any longer. ……?

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