Yukina Kinoshita’s “Smelling post with her J-League boyfriend” has fans in an uproar…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita’s “Smelling post with her J-League boyfriend” has fans in an uproar…!

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Yukina Kinoshita has been posting “girlfriend scent moments” on Instagram. Kinoshita frequently posts photos on SNS that suggest she is spending time with the J-League player she is currently dating, and each time she does so, her fans rejoice. The other day, she released such a smelly post, but what was it all about?

A happy report is coming soon…!

Kinoshita, born in Tokyo in 1987 and nicknamed “Yukkina,” was scouted in Shibuya in 2006 and entered the entertainment world. She got her break when her unusual answers on a quiz show became the talk of the town, but retired from show business in July 2020 due to the tapioca store scandal and other reasons. However, she later resumed her once-shuttered Instagram and gradually resumed her entertainment activities, including being used as a product model for a fashion brand in 2021.

Kinoshita often shows her good relationship with Hidetoshi Sanko of Omiya Ardija J2 team, with whom she is currently in a relationship, on her Instagram. Some bold photos show them hunched over each other, while others show them cooking the same dish on their respective Instagram pages, suggesting that they were together with Sanko.

In the midst of all this, Kinoshita has now posted a picture of two people, presumably a man and a woman, sitting with their legs crossed, holding a hot dog and a cup of drink in their hands. Neither of them can be seen, but they are wearing matching shoes and look very “in love” with each other. This must be it, no doubt! It’s Kinoshita and Miyuki!

Fans were delighted at how happy they looked in the photo. Kinoshita has been through a lot in the past few years. However, his presence as an entertainer remains high. More and more, we can’t take our eyes off Kinoshita at ……!

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