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More Popular than the New President! The Unknown Face of Korea’s First Lady

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Married to President Yun in 12

May. 10. Yun Suk-yeol (Yun Sung-nyeol. 61) in front of the National Assembly building in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, on May 10, 2012. 61 ) inauguration ceremony for the new president. One person who surpassed the main actor and attracted much attention was the first lady, Kim Jian-ki. Kim Gong-hui, the first lady. 49 The first lady.

According to a poll conducted just before the inauguration, President Yun’s approval rating was 41 percent. Former President Moon Jae-in, shortly after his inauguration, was 17 In May 2006 In contrast, former President Moon Jae-in had a high level of support of 87% in May 2005. This is in contrast to the high level of support that former President Moon Jae-in received from 87% of the respondents in May 2005, shortly after he took office. Normally, after a presidential election, the ruling and opposition parties cooperate in dealing with political issues, but this time, it seems that the ongoing conflict has had an impact.

On the other hand, Mrs. Kim’s popularity is soaring. The pure white dress she wore to the inauguration ceremony, with a large bow on her stomach, was also favorably received on the Internet, with people saying, “She looks clean. Her personality is straightforward, and she readily discloses information about her personal life. The white sandals she wore (about 3,500 yen) became a topic of conversation. The white sandals she was wearing (about 3,500 yen) became a topic of conversation and sold out at all the stores.)

A fan site called “Gongsarang (Love)” has even appeared. The number of members was about 30,000 at the beginning of this year, but has increased to 90,000 since Yun assumed the presidency.

The acclaimed apology press conference

The fan club has 90,000 members.

Despite her surge in popularity, Mrs. Kim found herself in a tight spot during the presidential election.

Mrs. Kim, who is also a painter, was She is also a painter. “When she applied for a position as a visiting professor at a private university in 2007, she put false information about her career on her application form. She exaggerated the number of awards she had received. Last year, during the presidential campaign Dec. In December, she was forced to hold a press conference to apologize. She honestly admitted her guilt and bowed her head tearfully. ‘I have a husband who loves and respects me, but …… I am ashamed of the mistakes I have made in the past. I am ashamed of the mistakes I made in the past. Her extraordinary attitude was appreciated and became one of the reasons for her rising popularity.

Mrs. Kim is also Korea’s first “president and first lady.

She is the representative of a company that organizes exhibitions of art works and other artworks. As a painter, she has held a solo exhibition in Ginza, and at an art exhibition she had a talk with architect Tadao Ando. His assets are said to amount to 700 million yen, which, if true, would be eight times that of President Yun. She is a brilliant woman with a doctorate in the field of art.

It is also a fact that her financial power and talent have increased the number of people who are against her. While her popularity is on the rise, a survey by the Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo found that some people are critical of her, saying that “Mrs. Kim should focus on helping others” and that “she appears too much in the public eye. 66 The survey showed that 66% of respondents were critical of Kim, saying that she should be more of a domestic help and that she is too public.

Mrs. Kim, standing next to President Yun, looks coolly into the camera. Her pure white dress is striking (Image: Afro)
Married to President Yun in 2012
Some criticize her for being “too public.
Mrs. Kim is also a talented painter.
President Yun and Mrs. Kim, who is also a talented painter.
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