RIZIN, Koji: More serious than a match, we find a “provisional license roadside training”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

RIZIN, Koji: More serious than a match, we find a “provisional license roadside training”!

Self-proclaimed "I'm so popular, I can't help it!" man found in an unexpected place! Trickster" Kouji makes his mark with his long-awaited second win in "RIZIN"!

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He attended a VIP training course with one-on-one instruction, but was recognized by other students and asked, “Koji-san?” and they call out to him. ……

The early spring season is the peak season for driving schools, when newcomers to the workforce and students arrive in droves.

However, in the midst of this busy schedule, there seemed to be someone who was late for his lesson. A man who looked like an instructor was waiting for his arrival, glancing at his watch.

Ten minutes had passed since the start of the lesson. Finally, the infidel arrives and says, “Is it bad? he said, smiling at the instructor. He is the martial artist Koji (32).

He was wearing a T-shirt with the “RIZIN” logo, and he entered the training center in a relaxed manner with his valet, who was wearing a T-shirt with the “RIZIN” logo. The lesson was canceled.

After waiting for about an hour at ……, the practical training finally started. The first thing to do was to inspect the vehicle inside the school.

After listening to the instructor talk quietly, it was time to take to the streets. When Koji went out on the street, he was gripping the steering wheel with a more serious expression than in the game (see photo above).

However, he only held the steering wheel in the “10:10” position for the first few minutes. As he became accustomed to the position, he dropped lower and lower, and when waiting at traffic lights, he did whatever he wanted, such as adjusting the position of his sunglasses and adjusting his hair style while looking in the room mirror.

He had hinted that he would retire from kicking by the end of the year, and his departure was attracting a lot of attention. We asked Koji directly.

–I’m not sure if he had a driver’s license or not (laughs).

Akan…… this is embarrassing. I’m really embarrassed that they saw me. I let my license lapse due to various reasons.

–In the drama “Mujoboke” (ABC TV, etc.) in which you appeared last year, you were riding in a bright blue Lamborghini, right?

That’s not moving. It’s a still picture!

–Why did you get your driver’s license at this time?

You lost the New Year’s Eve match last year and declared that you were going to “go into hibernation,” right? I had some time left, so I decided to take this opportunity to get a license. Then I got a fervent love call from Nobuyuki Sakakibara, CEO of “RIZIN,” and I was sent to another match. …… got in the way, so I failed my provisional license test three times. I failed the test for my provisional license three times.

–I’m not popular with men.

I’m giving all the men in the world a handicap. I’m popular with men without a license, so I’m in trouble, right?

As for his future, he said, “I’m getting a lot of offers for fights. I’m very popular… But that doesn’t mean I’m going to kick. So, he is a trickster who shines outside the ring.

During on-the-road training, he shows the time to check his hair style in the rearview mirror. She is not very good at taking tests, but she is an expert driver.
I don’t have a license!” But he says he is ready to get a “popular car” such as the new Mercedes Benz Gelendewagen.
RIZIN” Koji is taking his “provisional license” driving lessons with a more serious expression on his face than in a match.
RIZIN” Koji is more serious than his fights as he takes his “provisional license” on the road.

From “FRIDAY” May 6 and 13, 2022

  • PHOTO Kojiro Yamada

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