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Kyoko Fukada “too beautiful in a blue one-piece dress” delighted fans!

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Actress Kyoko Fukada is the talk of the town for the “too beautiful blue one-piece dress” she showed off when appearing in a new commercial released in April.

Kyoko Fukada shows her presence in a commercial for Afternoon Tea (from press release).

This new commercial promotes “Kirin Afternoon Black Tea Milk Tea, Fine Sugar. Fukada is the brand image character of Afternoon Tea, and in this commercial, she is in an English garden, drinking the new “fine sugar” product and whispering softly, “It’s delicious. Fukada wears a fresh blue one-piece dress and has a carefree look on her face, which makes the viewer feel happy.

(Fukada’s comment) Incidentally, Fukada seemed to lead the scene during the shooting.

<When Ms. Fukada entered the English garden-like set decorated with brightly colored spring flowers, her beauty and cuteness were enhanced, and the scene was instantly filled with a more gorgeous atmosphere. All the staff members present were enchanted by the “luxurious shooting scene” as expressed by Ms. Fukada.

Fukada took a leave of absence in May of last year after being diagnosed by a doctor as having an “adjustment disorder. About three months after the announcement of her leave of absence, Fukada suddenly announced in her own words that she would resume her activities. Some fans were concerned that it might be too soon (see ……), but Fukada has been working energetically to promote the movie “Lupin’s Daughter the Movie,” in which she plays the lead role, which will be released in October 2021. Her fans were anxious to see such a patient figure, but they cheered her on.

A year has passed since she began her recuperation, and I wonder if she has recovered a little. Still, I don’t want her to overdo it ……!

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