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Takeshi disappointed, Degawa weeping, Ariyoshi unchanged…

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Hiroyuki Ariyoshi was one of the core members of “Ryuhei Kai. He has been working hard to cope with his grief, but…

Ryuhei Ueshima of the comedy trio “Dacho Club” died suddenly on May 11 at the age of 61.

Known for his cheerful personality, everyone was filled with sadness. The entertainment world was also shocked, and comedians, TV personalities, and actors who had been close to him issued messages of condolence one after another. What was surprising was that Beat Takeshi released a comment on his agency’s website.

Ueshima, I am very shocked…I have been working with you for almost 40 years and I have taught you that the ideal of a comedian is to laugh and the best thing is to die a slow death, but no matter what happens, you have to die laughing…I am very frustrated and saddened.

Mr. Ueshima appeared on “Super JOCKEY” and “Comedy Ultra Quiz” (both on Nippon Television), which Takeshi hosted. Takeshi laughed out loud at Mr. Ueshima’s physical gags, and Mr. Ueshima was grateful to Takeshi for giving him his break.

The homepage was accompanied by an illustration of the Ostrich Club in a tuxedo, which Takeshi himself had probably drawn. And at the end of the text

Dear members of the media. Due to the difficulty of responding to individual inquiries, we have decided to publish our comments here.

The shock seems immeasurable. The shock seems immeasurable.

When Ueshima passed away, the two people who voiced concern on the Internet were Hiroyuki Ariyoshi and Tetsuro Degawa.

The former was a member of “Ryuhei Kai” who adored Mr. Ueshima and felt a great debt of gratitude to Mr. Ueshima, who had encouraged him since his unfortunate days. The latter encouraged each other as fellow reaction comedians and were bound together by a firm kizuna.

Coincidentally, the two met at a studio in Tokyo on the 11th, the day of Ueshima’s death. Ariyoshi was participating in the recording of “Ariyoshi Zemi” and “Ariyoshi’s Wall,” both of which are NTV’s flagship programs. Degawa also happened to be recording “Boiling Word 10” (NTV) in the same studio. According to some reports, Izukawa was clearly in tears and looked listless.

Afterward, Izukawa issued the following statement through his office

I am very sorry. I still wanted to fight and kiss Ryu-san. He was my best rival and my best friend.

He was my best rival and my best friend.

Ariyoshi, on the other hand, did not seem to have “changed” in any particular way. A TV station official who was present at the scene said

He was laughing as usual and giving his co-stars a hard time. Of course, there was no way anyone could ask him about Ueshima. He seemed to be aware of his surroundings and was conscious of his “normal” behavior. I think this is Ariyoshi’s way of mourning. ……

He also revealed that “Ariyoshi was a great mourner. In ’13, Ariyoshi said

In ’13, Ariyoshi tweeted, “The only time I spill tears is at Ueshima-san’s funeral.

Ueshima’s funeral” in 2001. The fact that he behaved so stoutly despite his great sadness may have been due to his high level of professionalism.

In fact, on that day, Mr. Degawa and Mr. Ariyoshi met in the office. On that occasion, Ariyoshi was just as usual. On the other hand, Mr. Degawa’s eyes were swollen, and I could tell at a glance that he was depressed.

The rare reaction comedian who brought laughter to Japan’s tea rooms has quietly passed away. He was sent off in his own way by his allies.

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