Historical Manga “Sengoku”: 3 Famous Scenes that Turn Worries and Failures Into Strength | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Historical Manga “Sengoku”: 3 Famous Scenes that Turn Worries and Failures Into Strength

Drama adaptation coming soon! Let's get courage from the way of life of "the man who failed and recovered the most in history!

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The “Sengoku” series has been serialized in “Young Magazine” for about 18 years.

“Sengoku” (written by Hideki Miyashita), a historical manga series that has sold a total of 11 million copies. It depicts Sengoku Gonbei Hidehisa, a military commander who survived the rough and tumble of the Warring States period despite numerous failures.

This bestseller, which recently completed 18 years of serialization, will be adapted into a film titled “Sengoku: The Great Reversal of a Failed Leader” (NHKBS Premium, May 13, 10:00 p.m. -). The story is about a businessman at an advertising company, played by Aoi Nakamura, who overcomes his work problems and failures by reading “Sengoku” and gaining various hints for living.

In fact, “Sengoku” is filled with warm and powerful words that turn failure into strength. Let us introduce you to some of the best scenes.

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NHK Drama x Manga “Sengoku: The Great Reversal of a Failed Leader

1 Nobunaga Oda tells Sengoku, now a prisoner of war, why he is aiming for heaven.

From “Sengoku” Vol. 1

In the Battle of Inabayama Castle, Oda Nobunaga attacked the Saito family in Mino (Gifu Prefecture). Sengoku Gonpei fights hard as a vassal of the Saito family, but he is no match for the large force of Oda’s army and is taken prisoner.

Nobunaga’s words to Sengoku, who had lost everything, were very simple. However, it is a very positive word that blows away any hardship that awaits him in the future. Sengoku made up his mind to live through the turbulent times as a vassal of the Oda family.

2 Toyotomi Hideyoshi teaches Sengoku, who is bewildered by his sudden “promotion,” the “theory of leadership.

From “The Story of the Life of Sengoku” (Volume 1)

Sengoku continues to grow despite repeated failures, and an opportunity arrives. Toyotomi Hideyoshi recommends Sengoku to the feudal lords of Awaji Province (present-day Awaji Island). Sengoku is perplexed by this unexpected proposal. He wonders if a man like himself, who was not born into a prominent family and who has made nothing but mistakes, should become a feudal lord. Hideyoshi’s words blew away his fears and gave him the push he needed. Position makes the man. Sengoku made a great leap forward as a feudal lord.

3Sengoku left the “past” behind and lived in the “present” during the attack on Odawara Castle

From “Sengoku Gonpei,” vol. 18

Sengoku lost his position as a feudal lord after a great failure in the “Battle of Tojigawa” against the Shimazu family. He lost everything, and at one point even considered quitting the samurai profession. After years of agonizing over his fate, Sengoku decides to live as a samurai by participating in Hideyoshi’s attack on Odawara Castle. Sengoku, who had put aside his past honor and greed and focused all his energy on the “now,” was able to carve out a new life for himself.

Read “Sengoku” on YANMAGA WEB

NHK Drama x Manga “Sengoku: The Great Reversal of a Failed Leader

From the drama. The main character, played by Aoi Nakamura, is introduced to “Sengoku” by his senior, played by Manami Hashimoto. He finds solutions to his work problems and anxieties in “Sengoku”.

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