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Masami Nagasawa’s Beautiful Ultraman Boots Steal the Show at Ultraman Press Conference!

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Nagasawa appeared on stage at the completion report meeting of “Shin Ultraman” (released on May 13). In the film, Nagasawa plays Saito’s buddy.

Masami Nagasawa (34), who was the co-star of “Shin Ultraman” (released on May 13), said, “Mr. Saito is always calm and watches over everyone at . She is really like an Ultraman.

Masami Nagasawa (34) looks back on their collaboration, while Takumi Saito (40) looks on with a wry smile at the completion of “Shin Ultraman” in Tokyo on May 2.

In this film, Nagasawa plays Hiroko Asami, an analyst who is buddies with Shinji Kaminaga (Takumi Saito), the main character. In the trailer, she is dressed in a dignified suit, but on this day she took the stage in an elegant black jacket and black skirt. What really caught my attention were her long red boots!

While the men, including Takumi Saito, Hidetoshi Nishijima (51), and director Shinji Higuchi (56), were all dressed to the nines, Nagasawa, looking dashing in the colors of Ultraman, had the audience’s eyes glued on her!

“Shin Ultraman” was planned and written by Hideaki Anno of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and directed by Shinji Higuchi. The film was finally completed after its release was postponed due to the Corona disaster, and the cast members had just seen a preview of the film before the press conference.

Saito said , “I just had a ‘dream’ from the screen, so I can’t verbalize my feelings. I think it’s a film that will grow on you as you share it with others.” Nagasawa nodded in agreement and said, “I can’t fully process it just by seeing it once. I want to go to the cinema again and again,” she said excitedly.

Nishijima also commented , “People who watched Ultraman as children are sure to be very excited. I think it will be an amazing film that will be deeply etched in the memories of today’s children as well.”

The cast members also used a camera to film their opponents while they were acting in the film. When this episode was mentioned, Nagasawa and Saito looked at each other and said, “It was difficult, wasn’t it?”

Nagasawa’s filming was well-received among the film crew. Nagasawa was surprised and said, “Really?” but she also expressed her trust in the production staff , saying, “I think we were able to get a good shot because we believed in everyone.”

Fans are looking forward to seeing her “master cameraman” skills on screen as well as her acting!

Nagasawa took the stage looking dashing in long boots. Her red, the color of Ultraman, is a perfect match for her outfit.
Hidetoshi Nishijima (left), Takumi Saito (center), and Masami Nagasawa (right) at the press conference with smiles on their faces.
Director Shinji Higuchi (left) and cast members wave with Ultraman.

  • Photo Takao Kawakami

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