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Cancer was the kick-start for him to improve his lifestyle. I just got back to my normal shape (laughs).Kuwano, who used to spend every scene in a lively atmosphere with the staff and co-stars, has become a recluse in the dressing room. However, he overcame this problem with his natural cheerfulness. He says, “After I started talking about diapers on my blog and at live performances, I gradually became less resistant to them. I tried various diapers, found my favorite brand, and now I go to the pharmacy to buy diapers by myself. Some people get rid of defecation problems quickly, while others have them for a long time. And in my case, I don’t know what will happen in the future. Still, you know, I’m getting used to my defecation disorder these days and I’m getting better at controlling it. On days when I have to go on stage or work, I don’t eat from the day before. Then I don’t have anything to go out, so I don’t have bowel movements!” On April 28, he published a book titled “Ganbaranai Ikikata (How to live without trying hard): The secret of smiling after getting colorectal cancer” (KADOKAWA). In the book, he writes about his honest feelings during his battle with colorectal cancer and the details of his treatment. “I am grateful to be alive and want to repay those who have supported me. For a while after I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, I didn’t want to admit that I had the disease, so I dared to stay away from information about colorectal cancer. But along the way, I started reading various people’s cancer stories and blogs. Now I am a search maniac. I immediately look things up and refer to them. When I felt anxious, other people’s experiences were very helpful. It helped me. I hope my experience will be helpful to others, too.” When he underwent surgery last February, he was encouraged to participate in the tour starting in April of the same year. However, he did not regain enough strength to participate in the tour, and at one point he felt depressed. However, Masayuki Suzuki (65), the leader of the group, told him, “I’m starting the tour first, so you can take your time to heal so that you can return to the stage in July,” to which he replied, “Okay! I’m definitely going to be on stage in July!” True to his word, he was able to perform in Osaka on his 40th anniversary tour. “Thanks to my colorectal cancer, I was able to quit drinking and smoking. I also reviewed my diet to strengthen my immune system and prevent recurrence. I also became aware of intestinal activities. Warming up the body activates the immune system, so I make it a habit to drink plain water first thing in the morning, then eat black vinegar, red vinegar, and black garlic. For breakfast, I have a smoothie, brown rice flakes, and soy milk. Thanks to this, my cholesterol levels have normalized and my diabetes has improved. People I haven’t seen in a long time say, I’ve lost weight! but it’s not true. I’m just back to my original healthy body. Now that one year has passed since the surgery, I want to live every day with joy and laughter so that I can be in remission (no recurrence for five years).

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Nobuyoshi “Kwaman” Kuwano Overcame Hell from Anti-Cancer drugs


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