Yui Aragaki Voted #1 Celebrity Who Looks Good in a Wedding Dress — Find Out Why! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yui Aragaki Voted #1 Celebrity Who Looks Good in a Wedding Dress — Find Out Why!

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Indeed, I would love to see her in her wedding dress! (AFLO)

Actress Yui Aragaki has been the talk of the town after winning first place in a ranking of “entertainers who look good in wedding dresses” chosen by 627 women. Why did Aragaki come in first place? There was a convincing reason.

The survey was conducted by Puracolle, an adventurer. 627 female instagram users in their 20s and 30s responded to the question about celebrities who look good in wedding dresses.

The top 10 were as follows.

No. 1: Yui Aragaki
No. 2: Keiko Kitagawa
No. 3: Erika Toda
No. 4: Mizuki Yamamoto
No.5 : Mayuko Kawakita
6th : Satomi Ishihara
No.7 : Nana Eikura
8th : Masumi Arimura
9th : Masami Nagasawa
No. 10: Minami Hamabe

The company explained in a press release that Niigaki won the first prize as follows.

Yui Aragaki boasts unshakable popularity with fans of all ages and genders. Last year, she announced her marriage to Minamoto Hoshino, with whom she co-starred in the popular drama “Escape is Shameful but Useful,” and the couple became the talk of the town for their runaway marriage.

She also wore a wedding dress in the drama, which left a strong impression on many people. Respondents said, “I want to see Gen Hoshino and Gakki’s wedding! I wonder what kind of dress she will wear. Gakki looks good in everything! Gakki looks good in everything!”

Kitagawa, who came in second, received comments such as, “She is cool beauty and looks good in any dress,” and “The blue dress she wore for the wedding looked great on her!” and “She looked so good in the blue dress at the wedding!” For Toda, who came in third, comments were “I think she is absolutely wonderful with both beauty and coolness” and “She looked too beautiful in the dress in the drama!”

Aragaki will celebrate her 34th birthday next month on June 11. Speaking of Aragaki’s birthday, every year a guerrilla event called “#Aragaki Yui Birthday Festival” has become a tradition, where people post pictures of her on the Internet. Last year, her agency also participated in the festivities, creating a buzz, but what will happen this year?!

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