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Kei Komuro, Husband of Akishino’s Eldest Daughter, Facing Struggles After Failing the Re-Examination

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Visa, a third bar exam, and financial problems have been discussed regarding Kei Komuro, 30, husband of Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, but what is really going on? A journalist from the Imperial Household points out the following.

In November ’21, Mr. and Mrs. Komuro departing from Haneda Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport (NY). At the time, they were expected to pass the bar exam early.

Kei is reported to have told people that he “fell five points short of a passing score on his second attempt,” but even so, he is not sure he is on the right track.

He has been telling the Imperial Household Agency through Ms. Mako that he is doing fine, but I am sure that he will not be able to say the same thing before the July examination.

The possibility that Kei’s employment with Loewenstein Sandler, the law firm where she works as a legal assistant, could be terminated after she failed the bar exam twice has been discussed.

But it seems unlikely. There is no doubt that the firm has high expectations for Kei’s “royal brand” and is making an upfront investment, so to speak. I don’t think they even think that Kei doesn’t need to acquire legal qualifications, but it is possible that they are taking a special stance toward her.

In fact, after the firm found out that he was unsuccessful, his name was recognized in the “client orientation document” posted on the firm’s website, and the employment relationship continues. Next, what is expected to happen to the visa that is closely associated with the firm?

He said, “Due to the expectations of the firm where he works, he has already applied for an ‘H-1B visa.’ This is a visa for people in professions that require advanced knowledge, but it is a lottery, and the probability of winning is about 1 in 4, which is considered to be quite low.”

It was reported that if Kei were unable to obtain this visa, he could rely on Ms. Mako to obtain a visa through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with which she has a close working relationship. In that case, Kei would obtain that spouse visa and would not be allowed to work.

In conclusion, we have heard that there is no need to rely on Mako and that Komuro will likely be able to obtain an H-1B visa. It was reported that the consul general in New York met with Princess Akishino before his arrival this year and entrusted him with Mako, and because of this relationship, it is extremely unlikely that Kei will actually be unable to obtain a visa and that the two will become aliens. Of course, there would be a strong push from his employer.

There was also talks about them returning to Japan temporarily in connection with the visa issue, but this was said to be highly unlikely, unless something happened to them.

Mako herself announced last year that she would not be returning to Japan, and that she would be leaving the country for good. “When Mako herself left Japan last year, she was so determined that she would never come back,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

Finally, there is the financial problem.

Lastly, there is the matter of finances. “On the surface, Kei’s annual income is said to be about 6 million yen, and Mako’s not even close to that amount. Even in New York, where the cost of living is high worldwide, and with the recent inflationary trend, the couple’s life is not easy. It is believed that the two of them are cutting into their savings for the time being, and on top of that, they are receiving regular support from Prince Akishino.”

Even if they manage to clear the visa and financial problems, the biggest challenge is still the third bar examination. This fall, Komuro is likely to once again attract a great deal of attention.

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