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GaaSyy-ch’s YouTube Channel Scams Its 1M Subscribers!

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Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. “GaaSyy-ch”, said in a video that he would expose the victims of the BTS scam. The next day, he posted a video of his regret, but… (from official YouTube)Two months ago, an exposé channel suddenly started and quickly took the YouTube world by storm.


When Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. “GaaSyy-ch,” suddenly launched his YouTube channel, GaaSyy-ch [Behind the Entertainment World], and began exposing Ken Watabe’s infidelity and Tenchim’s backstory, it caused a tremor among Internet users. 

 Do you know GaaSyy-ch? Have you seen GaaSyy-ch? 

became the watchword of the day. The entertainment world was in an uproar.

The people involved could not be at peace with the fact that Mr. Azumaya, who has attended many celebrity parties over the past 27 years, was about to reveal their backstories. When he listed dozens of male actors with whom he had episodes and exposed their names, the attention to this channel increased dramatically.

When the gossip about Yu Shirota, Tsuyoshi Ayano, and Sakurako Ohara was exposed one after another, the number of views exceeded 1.5 million each time and sometimes exceeded 200,000,000. The number of subscribers to the channel continued to increase each time, finally surpassing the one million mark.


Even weekly magazines and other media outlets, which had initially refrained from reporting on Mr. Azumaya, began to cover him, and even celebrities began to imitate him.

Two months have passed since then, and GaaSyy-ch’s march continues. However, compared to the beginning, it seems to be losing momentum. 

Some viewers were frustrated when after Watabe, Shirota, and Ayano, viewers and the mass media were eagerly waiting to see who would be next, in the episodes of famous and popular actors, the names were not shown. 

Then a paid membership was opened, and the number of registered members immediately exceeded 40,000, indicating that GaaSyy-ch’s popularity had not waned.

Bomb Drops to Commemorate One Million Registered Members.

However, the reason for this was that people had high expectations for GaaSyy-ch’s, who had declared, “I’ll drop a bomb on you when the number of registered members exceeds one million”.

However, the bomb was dropped again by Kensuke Nitta.

Many viewers may have been disappointed. In the comments section of the Internet, there were also many posts saying, “I was waiting for the show with high expectations, but I’m not interested in Tasuku. GaaSyy-ch also declared that he would destroy Shirota, Ayano, and Kensuke.

While it is true that Shirota’s commercials were canceled, nothing seems to have affected him, and Ayano does not seem to have been damaged in any way. If Mentasuke were to be arrested, the “GaaSyy-ch Cannon” would hit him, but so far there is no indication that the police are taking any action.

Although the verbal attacks on Serious Tasuku have continued since then, no big-name revelations have come out. On the contrary, the president of Tsuyoshi Ayano’s agency, a writer acquainted with Tasuku, an American singer-songwriter, and others are popular to the general public but are also known only to a very limited number of people in the industry. This is not enough to get the general public interested in what he has to say, and the number of views is likely to stagnate.

The number of recent video views has sometimes failed to reach 1 million, and even if the number of subscribers does not decrease, some of those who have subscribed to the membership are still saying, “If he doesn’t come up with something big next time, we’ll have to leave”.

 I’ll cancel my membership if there is no big story next time.

The recent video replay times have not reached 1,000,000.

Under such circumstances, a video was released the other day that is likely to further drive viewers away from the site. Higashitani’s motivation for starting YouTube in the first place was to take revenge on his friends in the entertainment industry who left him en masse when his fraudulent activities were exposed. He has since revealed that he uses the revenue he earns from YouTube to reimburse the victims he has defrauded.

 He said, “The earnings from YouTube are expected to be about 30 million yen a month, but it seems they haven’t come into Mr. Azumaya yet. So, to speed up the reimbursement, it has been revealed that a Tokyo-based cosmetic surgeon will shoulder the responsibility. Therefore, it seems that he has asked a lawyer to negotiate a settlement with the victim.

 The reason he is trying to make a quick repayment is that a report in a women’s magazine revealed that Mr. Higashitani owes Serious Tasuku 60 million yen. The amount of money he spent on illegal gambling, which he admits, is about 300 million yen. The victims, fearing that the proceeds from YouTube would be used to repay the debt and not reimburse the victims, are now forming a victims’ association. If a damage report is accepted, there is even a possibility of arrest in the worst case.

If they are criminally prosecuted, there is a high possibility that they will not be able to continue YouTube. They are probably afraid of that.

Higashitani says that settlement negotiations are going well, with nearly 80% of the victims have agreed to settlements, but he is unable to contact the remaining 20% of victims. And now there is a movement among them to sue Mr. Azumaya instead of accepting the settlement, he said.

 Mr. Higashitani says that either the Serious Tasuku side or an entertainment agency that wants to get rid of Mr. Higashitani is trying to use police power to get some of the victims to sue him. This is just what Mr. Higashitani is saying. Mr. Azumaya seems to be quite afraid of being stopped from YouTube, and is desperately appealing to his victims to accept settlements.

 To top it all off, he even said that if they did not accept the settlement, he would expose their names and addresses, recognizing them as the perpetrators who had harmed him. What does he have to say? In this video, he collaborated with his lawyer, and it was surprising that the lawyer did not admonish him. He said that he had been wrongfully arrested and that he would fight the police thoroughly. He later corrected these comments by releasing a video but his paranoia was so strong that he came across as somewhat pathetic.

Mr. Azumaya had been attracting viewers with a kind of outlaw-like charm, but his exposing comment may accelerate his fan base. Many viewers also expect behind-the-scenes stories from celebrities. No one would be interested in being told about the aftermath of what they have done.

Just when we thought it was time for him to get back to the main story, he announced his next bomb in a recent video. He says it is pretty big. This might make his fans grow in anticipation or leave them disappointed.

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