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Anne Shin Hye Posting Pouting Lips Allured Fans!

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Who would look at this photo and think that she is an A-lister golfer  (From her Instagram)

Korean professional golfer Anne Shin-hye, nicknamed “Sexy Queen,” has been attracting a lot of attention for her pouting lips photo. Comments such as “I love it” and “gorgeous” have been pouring in.

The photo of Ahn sitting cross-legged on a sofa has been going viral. She is wearing a checkered jacket over a yellow blouse and jeans, and the gold catsuit on her forehead is very attractive. Anne has her elbows on the desk and is sipping on the straw of a cup filled with a drink. The pouting pose is very cute.

In the same post, Anne showed a total of six photos. The photos were full of off-camera feeling, including one in which she was wearing makeup. This is irresistible and fans is enjoying it!

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1990, Anne moved to New Zealand when she was 9 years old and started playing golf seriously. She then decided to make her Japanese women’s golf debut in 2017.

She had a string of bad luck at the Corona Disaster and was unable to practice and compete as much as she would have liked. She ended up failing to qualify for the Korean Women’s Tour’s DAEBO hausD Open last July, which was her first tournament back after an absence of about a year and a half.

It seems that Anne was on her way to the United States. On Instagram, she was seen playing golf at the prestigious “Fallen Oak Golf Club” in Mississippi. It also seems that she was watching the final of the overseas men’s major “Masters” which was held from April 7 to 10 at “Augusta National Golf Club” in Georgia.

At one time, there were rumors of her retirement, but according to some reports, Anne is eager to take up the challenge of coming back to Japan. What did Anne learned during her stay in the U.S.? We hope she will use what she learned there in her next round of golf!

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