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Yoshikazu Higashiya Talks About the Future of “GaaSyy-ch” After Repayment of 300 Million Yen Debt

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Yoshikazu Higashiya, a.k.a. “GaaSyy,” in conversation with journalist Gonzalez Maruyama on YouTube (from YouTube’s “GaaSyy-ch”).

I was out of my mind.

Yoshikazu Higashiya, who runs the exposé YouTube site “GaaSyy-ch” collaborated with journalist Gonzalez Maruyama for a remote conversation in “Gonzalez Maruyama’s Journey in the Underworld.”

Higashiya is a gambling addict who has been immersed in backroom casinos and other establishments, and his debts have grown to 300 million yen. At the time, he was preoccupied with backroom casinos every day, and in his immediate greed for money, he began cheating his fans out of their money by saying, “I’ll get you to meet BTS.”

He has worked as a businessman in a wide range of businesses, including apparel, restaurant management, and entertainment agency management, but he revealed that the reason he regularly hit rock bottom was all because of gambling.

Maruyama had been systematically taking out loans for his business and other projects, but when asked by Higashiya about the “BTS” project, he replied, “I even turned off my cell phone for a month.

I turned off my phone for a month. I thought I was going to die in the field.

He revealed that he had been driven into a corner because of his gambling.

The BTS victim was given a head start, and Yasushi Aso, the general director of Tokyo Cosmetic Surgery, will shoulder 30 million yen to repay the debt.

GaaSyy-ch will receive his first YouTube earnings after May 20. In addition to advertising revenues, he revealed that memberships alone, which cost 490 yen per month, generate 25 million yen per month with just under 50,000 members.

He also said that he has received offers from casinos, adult goods, and other corporate projects, which he basically never turns down for money. He is also planning to start an online salon, so it is smooth sailing for him, and he said that he expects to repay his 300 million yen debt in less than six months.

Maruyama asked what the channel would do after the debt was repaid. Higashiya replied that there were still some talent and entertainment people who were not convinced, so he would attack them thoroughly, as he did with Yu Shirota and Go Ayano.

He said, “Exposure alone will not be satisfying enough for me.”

He also revealed that he would eventually shift gears, saying, “If I only expose people, I won’t be able to maintain my mentality.”

Even without exposing them, the live social networking feeds are watched by a very large number of fans; 240,000 people were watching at the same time, so it’s fair to say that the popularity is soaring. They sometimes tell the backstories of celebrities in their otherwise uninteresting conversations, and they include these stories to entertain their fans.

Also, the videos on the sub-channel introducing recommended restaurants and other places in various regions are also popular. You may be able to meet the celebrities, and there are many famous restaurants.

In addition to money, Higashitani said he also wanted to have influence. What will he do with his influence after paying off his debts? All eyes are now on him.

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