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Masumi Arimura Still Managed to be Charming in a Suit

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Actress Masumi Arimura in suit captured fans heart as she revealed on her Instagram account and has been attracting a great deal of attention, fans find to to be too good to be true outfit that she wore in the JA Kyosairen commercial that was released on April 10.

The fact that she looks so good in a suit gives us hope that she will be able to expand the range of roles she can play in the future! (From JA Kyosairen press release)

Arimura, born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1993, made her acting debut in 2010 and got her big break in 2013 with the TV series “Amachan,” and in 2016 she won the 39th Japan Academy Awards for Best Leading Actress and Best New Actor for “Birigyaru.” She is now a very popular actress and has made a name for herself.

In the midst of all this, JA Kyosairen’s new commercial “Meddling” has just begun airing. Arimura plays the role of a life advisor and wears a gray suit. The story is about how she meddles in the lives of people in the city, such as carrying a package in both hands on behalf of a woman with an infant.

Still, for some reason, fans were intrigued by Arimura’s long black hair and skirt suit. Her performance as a dedicated worker in black high-heeled shoes also moved fans for some reason.

The shooting of the commercial is said to have taken place in a relaxed mood.

Ms. Arimura, who showed great concentration during the shoot, chatted with the staff between takes and smiled cutely as she played with the babies and children who appeared in the commercial. Despite the early morning start of the shoot in cold temperatures, there were constant smiles on the faces of the crew throughout the shoot, and the teamwork was outstanding.


“I guess I’m like my mother,” she says, “I tend to ask people how they are doing, so if they seem to be in trouble, I call out to them and try to notice if I can. I think about what I should do if I meddle in their lives by talking to them at a time when they might not have wanted me to talk to them,” she says.

Keep an eye on Arimura as she continues to broaden her range of activities!

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