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Odagiri Joe Photographed Directing His New Drama

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Odagiri takes a moment to think between takes. An elderly woman shopping for groceries sometimes talked to him.

“Oliver the Dog” (NHK) aired last September and attracted a lot of attention when Odagiri Joe (46) played the role of Oliver, a lazy police dog in a dog costume(Gosh!) (NHK). The sequel was being filmed in a shopping district in Kawasaki City in mid-March.

The film was written and directed by Odagiri, who has a strong emotional attachment to the show, and despite its aggressive setting, it became a topic within the station that NHK had given the OK to produce it. The drama was very well received and he seems to be very enthusiastic about making it even more interesting than the previous production.

When Odagiri appeared at the scene, he was not dressed as a stuffed dog, but in a patchwork denim top and hat, which was quite stylish. Odagiri arrived at the scene not as Oliver, but as the director. He repeatedly checked the performance of Masatoshi Nagase (55), who was appearing in the previous film, on the monitor and gave him directing instructions.

The shooting was going well, and Odagiri and the staff were all smiles and in a very good mood. It will be interesting to see how aggressive the drama will be this time.

Cut not published in this magazine Odagiri Joe “Oliver the Dog, (Gosh!)” Entering the scene as the director .
Unpublished photograph of Odagiri Joe in “Oliver the Dog, (Gosh!)”. Joining the set as a director.
Unpublished photograph of Odagiri Joe “Oliver’s Dog, (Gosh!) Joined the set as a director.

From the May 6 and 13, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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