Yoshikazu Higashiya, a.k.a. Garcy, Exposed Himself with His Threats to BTS Scam Victims | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yoshikazu Higashiya, a.k.a. Garcy, Exposed Himself with His Threats to BTS Scam Victims

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Yoshikazu Higashiya, a.k.a. “Garcy,” has become the king of showbiz exposure (from his official YouTube page).

In February, he opened a YouTube channel with his 27-year track record of attending (procuring) women for many celebrities. He has exposed the “secret faces” of popular celebrities one after another, and the number of subscribers to his channel, including sub-channels, has exceeded 1.2 million.

However, information has emerged that the police are now targeting Higashiya. The police are now suspected of swindling a woman out of a large sum of money by offering her a false story that he would take her to meet the popular South Korean group BTS.

In fact, Higashiya has admitted to committing fraud. He claims that he will repay the money he swindled from the proceeds of the YouTube video, but some of the victims have decided to file a damage report with the police rather than refund the money.

If the police accept the report, the worst-case scenario for Mr. Higashiya is that he may be arrested. If this happens, the YouTube channel he has worked so hard to build may be banned (deleted). Mr. Higashiya seems to fear this development.

Mr. Higashiya declared war on the police, who urged him to file a damage report, saying, “I am an enemy.” He suspects that the people behind the police’s actions are related to the actors and celebrities he has exposed, and he has made it clear that he will confront them.


Higashiya describes a grand, movie-like storyline in which people in the entertainment business ask politicians for favors, and those politicians in turn influence the police. In the video, he even mentions Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s name and expresses his suspicion, saying, “I don’t think that’s true, but…”  Viewers are skeptical, but many of them may believe him because of his skillful storytelling. (sports newspaper reporter)

To be sure, it is unlikely that Prime Minister Kishida will make any move to catch Mr. Higashiya. He is currently visiting various countries in connection with the situation in Ukraine and does not have time to worry about Mr. Higashiya. If anything, he may not even know about Garcy itself.

Mr. Higashiya‘s ability to make something out of “nothing” in this area is impressive, but what disappointed the viewers was a surprising comment from the desperate Mr. Higashiya.

“I’m thinking of exposing the victims (of the BTS scam), too.”

Among the victims of the BTS scam, there are those who have not contacted the repayment window set up by Mr. Higashiya and are holding off. This withholding group is a fear for Mr. Higashiya, and as mentioned earlier, they may file a damage report.

Mr. Higashiya has appealed repeatedly in his videos to “please contact us,” but without response. As a result, he uttered a threat to “expose” the victim.

This is indeed unacceptable. Viewers and those around him urged him to correct it, but Higashiya responded, “I don’t intend to change it. I don’t care if that makes you stop watching the video.” After a while, realizing his mistake, Higashiya apologized, but the number of subscribers to his channel temporarily decreased due to his comment.

Some people on the Internet have hailed Mr. Higashiya as a “dark hero” with no discernment, but it seems that some people have regained their composure after they saw a glimpse of his “scary side.”

Furthermore, the arrest information about Mr. Higashiya, which he himself ignited and oiled, is not something that can be acted upon immediately. A reporter for a national newspaper commented, “To begin with, the seriousness of the police is thin.”

“In the first place, the police are not very serious. If Higashiya is “hiding in the clouds” overseas, it will make the investigation even more difficult. I suspect that he has no intention of turning himself in.” the reporter said.

When he first started the video, he had been bragging, “I have nothing to lose,” but now he may have something to protect.

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