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The Man Behind Putins Hellish Dreams for Russia Revealed!

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The Mastermind Behind Putin’s Manipulation

Beginning in 2012, as he approached his third term, Vladimir Putin became obsessed with power. Behind the scenes, Putin was in contact with a historian with dangerous ideas. Professor Itsuro Nakamura of Tsukuba Gakuin University, who is an expert on Russian politics, explains.

Vladimir Medinsky, 51, is a presidential aide. Medinsky is the presidential aide, Vladimir Medinsky, 51, who says that Russia should create a “civilization of hell.” His ideas can be summarized as follows. (1) Russia does not need intelligence as long as it has power, (2) fear is what makes human beings grow, and (3) great power does not turn the earth into a paradise but into a hell. The third is the idea that Russia was once ruled by Mongols and other barbaric equestrian tribes, and that the brutality of these tribes and Russia of today were combined to create the Russia of today.

He believes that this brutality is what makes Russia what it is today. In fact, he became a close ally of Russia in 2001, and the following year Russia annexed Crimea. The recent invasion of Ukraine was also influenced by Medinsky’s ideas.

For Putin, his family had become a distraction. In 2001, he divorced his wife, Lyudmila. She moved to France and has not been seen since. His two daughters are also used as tools to hide his wealth.

“When they divorced, the daughters were given a huge amount of assets,” he said. When they divorced, the daughters were given huge amounts of assets, and the names of the assets were transferred to people around the daughters and their husbands. Putin is building a family-centered conglomerate. The Western countries decided that economic sanctions would not be effective unless they targeted them, so they decided to freeze the assets of the two daughters. However, many of their assets are deposited in banks in ‘offshore’ countries, which are not subject to sanctions, so the effect will be limited.

(Journalist Kosuke Tsuneoka) Is no one going to be able to stop Putin from running amok?

Kabaeva, who is related to Putin, is the women’s rhythmic gymnastics gold medalist at the 2004 Athens Olympics. She and Putin reportedly have four children together.
The “Putin Palace” was exposed by dissidents in January ’21. It was built in a resort area on the Black Sea coast, and the total construction cost was approximately 140 billion yen.

From the May 20-27, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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