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Expect “Fishing Girl” Tsurara Provocative Post Will Not Stop Soon!

"The fish images are edited," "She definitely didn't catch any fish," "She's ugly!" are some of the anti-comments she gets. This cos-player instagrammer have 30,000 followers as of today!!

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In the fishing industry, where the pandemic due to Corona Virus suddenly gained new popularity, a new star of a different color has appeared.

Tomorrow Tsurara (age undisclosed). She is a “flaming fishing girl” who posts pictures of herself fishing for bass in sexy costumes or almost naked, and is inundated with anti-comments each time.

Tsurara says, “I catch fish for real.” Her 10th commemorative DVD is scheduled to be released soon.

I came up with the name Tsurara by combining my idol Kirara Asuka and the name of a rod maker, Tsurara. I am mainly active in bass fields in the Kansai region, including Lake Biwa.

She got hooked on fishing about three years ago and now has more than 30,000 followers on Instagram and has released nine DVDs. She even produces lures. Why did she start fishing in such an extreme outfit?

“To be honest, I wanted to become famous in the shortest possible time. There are tons of “fishing girls” out there, and there are tons of girls with pretty faces. To stand out from the crowd, I decided to make my personality exotic. I knew that I would have a lot of anti-fans. I get a lot of comments like, ‘You’re editing fish,’ ‘You’re not fishing,’ and ‘You’re ugly.’ I’m like, ‘More publicity, more publicity!'”

Although she may seem like an imposter, she is also a true believer in her ability, saying, “I go fishing five times a week. During an interview on Lake Biwa, she caught a big fish in less than five minutes right in front of the reporter.

I’ll fish for bass and old men too! She is likely to continue to make a splash in the fishing industry.

She caught a bass in just five minutes. She also showed her seriousness by coming to Lake Biwa before the interview time and previewing the spots.
Fishing girl Tsurara Asutomu, who is prepared to be flamed for her posts, with her fellow fishing girl Rinka.
Unpublished photo of Fishing girl Asatsura Tsurara, who is prepared to be burned by flames for so many reason she continues to post her fishing reports.

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