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Yukina Kinoshita Shared How She Suffered From Corona Virus

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I got corona at the beginning of April. My lungs are also suffering.”

Yukina Kinoshita revealed on her YouTube channel that she had corona and was suffering from the aftereffects. When she posted a video titled “I tried eating mongolian tamen without losing the aftereffects of corona” and talked about her suffering, the comment section was flooded with comments expressing concern for Kinoshita, such as “It must be really tough,” and “Hang in there.”

She’s a covid-19 survivor!

On the fourth day, I ate a mandarin orange and everyone else said it was sweet, but I was the only one who had a bitter taste. I didn’t think it was me. The next day I ate a chocolate mint and I couldn’t taste it. I couldn’t even smell it. My fever went down, and I forced myself to try curry. I felt that tasteless, odorless curry was so bad.

She shared her experience while being sick with covid-19.

After the quarantine was finally over and I was back to my normal life, I decided to try Mongolian tamen. It’s spicy and delicious. It’s time for me to feel (the smell and taste).”

She explained the purpose of her video.

Still, I can’t taste it.

and revealed that she was having trouble getting her taste buds back even after the quarantine was over.

This worried many of her fans, but fortunately, a few days after her post, she reported that her sense of taste had returned. Many fans must have been relieved with this new update on her health.

Recently, Kinoshita has been steadily regaining her presence on Instagram and other social media. A full recovery may not be far off. Fans keep on hoping for her fast recovery and missing her so much!

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