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Reina Sumi Sporting Sexy Miniskirt in the Golf Course

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Reina Sumi is expanding her field of activity . People can’t take their eyes off her! (from her Instagram)

The freelance announcer Rena Sumi’s  sexy mini skirt, which she posted on her Instagram account , has been attracting a lot of attention for being too cute. The comments were flooded with praise, such as, “She’s so lovely!”

Sumi posted three photos. All of them were taken at a golf facility. Sumi is wearing a yellow collared shirt with a diamond pattern and a very tight miniskirt. She also wears white high socks to complete her outfit. Fans must be overjoyed by this.

In the first photo, Sumi is holding a golf club and taking a swinging stance, smiling and looking in the direction of the shot. The second photo shows her swinging the club in a big way. She is twisting her hips, waist, and back. The third picture is of her follow swing. She is smiling with white teeth.

Sumi wrote in this post, “Cha-shu-meen!” in this post as a joke.

Sumi is a freelance announcer born in 1990. She joined TV Tokyo as an announcer in 2013 and has worked on “Home, Can I follow you?” After leaving the company in 2020, she became a freelance announcer for St. Force. Currently, she works for NTV’s ” Zoom in! Saturday” and TBS “Flames of Athletics TV” .

As an Instagrammer, she has 775,000 followers and is highly popular as an influencer. Her off-the-job posts are especially popular and receive many likes all the time.

Sumi is soaring now. What kind of success will she have in the future? What will she do in the future? Everyone hope she continues to build her career…!

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