Maya Kobayashi: Next, a sense of “self-inflicted siege” that destroys relationships through criticism of Ameblo | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Maya Kobayashi: Next, a sense of “self-inflicted siege” that destroys relationships through criticism of Ameblo

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Maya Kobayashi and her husband, Akira, who turned their anger not only to Ebizo Ichikawa but also to “Ameblo

Maya Kobayashi, a freelance announcer, is having a rough time.

She has been expressing her anger at her sister Mao Kobayashi’s husband and brother-in-law, kabuki actor Ebizo Ichikawa, and now she has turned her wrath on “Ameblo,” which is run by CyberAgent.

On April 30, Kobayashi reported on “something unusual” that had occurred on his own Ameblo.

<In a world where Internet advertising is increasing, why is the personal income of bloggers being reduced? (Ameblo has recently increased advertising on its blog again.

and then asked the question

<I was depressed because I thought that my blog had lost popularity. I was shocked to think that people were no longer interested in my blog content, and I was thinking I had to change my job. I was losing confidence.

I was losing confidence.

Apparently, she is not satisfied with the fact that her income has been reduced, even though her blog access has increased. Kobayashi added


She is angry that her comment was deleted without her permission.

Kobayashi’s husband, Gin Kunimitsu, also presented the problem, citing actual figures. Kunimitsu’s blog received 70 million hits per month, while Kobayashi’s blog received 190 million hits, yet Kobayashi’s income was only twice as much as Kunimitsu’s.

Ameblo is known for Ebizo and Mao’s blogs, which are in the Hall of Fame. A TV station official said

Mao updated her blog right up to the time of her death, which unexpectedly helped to spread awareness of Ameblo. Her husband, Ebizo, is also an iconic figure on Ameblo. He boasts a steady popularity with his frequent updates.

says the author.

In light of this, Kunimitsu speculates that the drastic decrease in income and the deletion of comments were either ordered by Ebizo, with whom she has a dispute, or by Ameblo in order to protect Ebizo. In his blog, he wrote

I can’t believe Mr. Fujita as a human being.

He also commented, “I can’t believe Mr. Fujita as a human being.

It is true that Ebizo is treated exceptionally well even within Ameblo. It is said that Mr. Kobayashi and Mr. Kunimitsu were not satisfied with the fact that Mr. Ebizo’s income is considered higher than theirs, even though they have more access than Mr. Fujita.

(Sports newspaper reporter) Thus, the two stopped updating their Ameblo blog as of the 30th of last month. Kunimitsu called for a meeting with Susumu Fujita of CyberAgent on his blog, demanding an apology and a substantial amount of consolation money. This may be a leap too far.

Mr. Kobayashi has moved his base of activities to “note,” a media platform, where he distributes articles for a fee of 550 yen per month. However, it is not known how many members there are. Since the business model is different from that of Ameblo, there is no guarantee of income if she writes articles, and some of the people who enjoy watching the two’s Ameblo may think, ‘I don’t want to pay for it…'” (source from a wide-ranging TV show).

The two have been biting at things they don’t agree with and destroying the “relationship” they have had so far. In this state of “self-inflicted siege,” where do the two really intend to go?

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