Yoko Kumada’s “too beautiful gym uniform and shorts jersey” is causing a stir! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yoko Kumada’s “too beautiful gym uniform and shorts jersey” is causing a stir!

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Actress and model Yoko Kumada posted an image of herself “in gym clothes, shorts, and a jersey” on Instagram. This is a topic of conversation. The comments were flooded with praise, such as, “It’s soothing,” “It’s cute,” and “It’s a nice picture.

Kumada posted an offline photo from “London Hearts” (TV Asahi)’s “Female Celebrity Sports Test Golden 2-hour Special” broadcast on May 3. Kumada, dressed in shorts and a jersey, is holding a fried bean curd, which is somewhat cute. She and Huwa-chan, who is pictured next to her, are also smiling together. Kumada’s legs, which are slenderly stretched out from her shorts, are very beautiful. This must be the result of Kumada’s rigorous daily training.

A too nice two-shot with Huwa-chan…! (from her Instagram @kumadayoko)

Kumada was born in 1982 and is now 39 years old; she married a man in 2012 and gave birth to her first daughter in 2012, her second in 2015, and her third in 2018. She is also considerate of her co-star, Huwa-chan.

She is a person of stamina and care who brightens up the scene.

Kumada’s willingness to expand her circle of co-stars is one of the reasons for her longevity in the entertainment industry, and her latest image DVD, “Goddess Body,” will be released on May 27. We can’t take our eyes off of Kumada, who continues to evolve rather than fade. ……?

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