Gravure Model Tsubasa Hazuki on Rampage of Doing Whatever She Wants | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gravure Model Tsubasa Hazuki on Rampage of Doing Whatever She Wants

The gap between her overwhelmingly beautiful appearance and the bold expressions she shows in gravure is a topic of conversation. We take a closer look at her thoughts in a long interview.

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Tsubasa Hazuki being interviewed (photo by Naoki Shimoda)

Tsubasa Hazuki (23), with her baby face and adorable looks, has been appearing in a series of daring photogravures. Tsubasa Hazuki ( 23) is constantly evolving and continues to attract fans.

In the current issue of FRIDAY, she shows off her latest photos, the first in eight months since her photo collection “Mizumitsu” (Watertight). We asked Hazuki, who consistently takes on sensational gravure challenges, about the circumstances leading up to her debut and where she is headed in the future.


From Aomori to Tokyo in search of “normalcy”

“Do you know what ‘shakkee’ means?It’s an accent I haven’t been able to get rid of. It comes out when I go into the water or touch something cold during filming, and it means ‘cold’. I said it in a normal way during today’s interview (when I touched the cold floor).”

Hazuki grew up in Tsugaru City, Aomori Prefecture. She chose to join a famous long-established hamburger chain restaurant from among the job openings that were sent to her high school. That was her chance to move to Tokyo. When asked why she decided to work in Tokyo, she replied, “To send money home to my parents and to get them to leave me alone.”

She said, “I was the only child in a single-mother household, and my mother was worried about me and poked her nose into everything. We didn’t get along well. But I wanted her to leave me alone. I didn’t like my hometown (laughs). It wasn’t that I absolutely wanted to work there, but I just wanted to live and work in a normal way. Anyway, I was longing for the “normal ” that everyone was talking about.”

Three months after moving to Tokyo and starting work, she was approached at a game center in Shinjuku.

“I was playing a music game after work when he asked me if I wanted to do porn. I immediately answered, ‘No,’ and he asked me, ‘How about gravure then?’ I had just come from the countryside at the time and didn’t know that the city was scary, so I politely answered all the scouts and catchers who approached me. Of course, now I have learned to ignore them.”


Hazuki was doing the “normal job ” she was looking for, but at that time, this thought crossed her mind.

“My current ‘normal life’ is boring. I thought, it’s not the kind of ‘normal’ happiness I was looking for! I was lucky if I could get two consecutive vacations off, and my salary was low for the work I was doing. I rode a crowded train every day and worked from morning till night. Is this normal? What is normal? I was beginning to question whether this was normal. So I thought, maybe I should try doing a gravure DVD at least once before I die.”

“I thought I would graduate after one gravure DVD,” she says, “but my first DVD did well, topping ‘s monthly ranking.

“I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to,” she says. It was as if the people at the agency were already deciding when to shoot the second one and what to do next. Since I was working as a full-time employee while doing gravure, my schedule was such that I only needed to have about one day off a month.”


As her gravure activities became more prominent, Hazuki resigned from the hamburger restaurant after one year of employment.

She appeared as a guest on the late-night variety show “Goddotan” (TV Tokyo), “Do you know this gravure idol?” (TV Tokyo), a late-night variety show, was a turning point for Hazuki, as she made a guest appearance and announced her love of 18-porn erotic manga.

She said, “I have always loved 2-dimensional girls with cute and erotic faces and bodies, and they have good personalities, so in other words, they are the best (laughs). Just looking at them soothes me. I have been exposed to erotic manga, galge, and anime since I was a child, so I don’t look at everything with a sexual eye. I see the cute poses of the characters and think that I might be able to replicate them in my gravure shoots.”

“I also visit events of my favorite erotic manga artists. What surprises me is that many of my favorite authors are women. When I tell the vendor at the booth that I would like to say hello to the author, I am surprised when a woman comes out and says, ‘Really?’ I am surprised. Sometimes we were both a bit intimidated, and sometimes I felt like she had the same air about her as I did.”

Following her debut DVD, her second DVD also reached No. 1 in the rankings. Her popularity grew rapidly.

Finding “a place where I can be myself”

In February2021, Hazuki began her freelance career.

“I can now do mainly the work I want to do. I negotiate all the prices myself. I turn down work I don’t want to do even if the pay is high, so I focus on what I want to do.”

“I am currently working on a series for ” DLsite ” (a website that sells doujinshi and other downloadable magazines) and “Kairaku Ten” (an adult-oriented manga magazine). After a year of freelancing, I realized that it is important to work with people who appreciate your value. I also place importance on this when taking on new work. Also, people often mistake me for being interested in pornography because I like erotic manga, but I am only interested in 2-dimensional things.”

She has taken action on her own, expanded her network, and worked in places where she can be herself. That is the path Hazuki has chosen.

In her second photo collection, “Mizumitsu,” released after she became a freelance photographer, she surprised the public by appearing nude.

“I’m pretty bored,” she said. I decided it was time to try something new, so I tried nudity…The first one was shot in a beautiful, artistic way, so I thought it wouldn’t be a problem to take it off next time.”

She is now 23 years old. We asked Hazuki about her future plans.

“I would like to work in the entertainment business, but I would also like to write and draw pictures as my main job. I am not good in midsummer and midwinter, so I mainly stay in and work on my creative activities during those periods. I would like to be better at managing the schedule of my photogravure shoots and creative activities. Sometimes I do too much of what I like and end up pushing myself too hard (laughs).”

“From now on, I will go on a rampage as much as I want. I have a desire to freely challenge myself to do what I want. There are a lot of restrictions in the world that say eroticism is not allowed, but I have a desire to engage in activities that allow me to say I like what I like. Rather than being tied down somewhere, I think I am better suited to a world where I can work freely as a freelancer.”

Tsubasa Hatsuki
Born onJune16, 1998. Height 158cm.

Born in Aomori Prefecture.

She debuted in 2017 with the release of her 1st DVD.
Her cute looks and extreme exposure drew a huge response, and both her 1st and2nd photo collections were big hits.
Since January2021, she has been working as a freelance photographer, expanding her activities to include writing and illustration production in addition to gravure.
Twitter (@2basa_kodama)
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Tsubasa Hazuki’s latest gravure shoot
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