Anne Shinae’s “Swing Video Release in an Above-the-Knee Skirt” conveys that she’s on a roll! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Anne Shinae’s “Swing Video Release in an Above-the-Knee Skirt” conveys that she’s on a roll!

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Korean women’s professional golf player Anne Shin-hye, nicknamed the “Sexy Queen,” has been attracting attention for her “swing video in an overly daring above-the-knee skirt. The video has received a string of comments praising her, such as, “She’s so cute,” and “Nice.

After the Corona disaster, we expect her to take a further leap forward…! (AFLO)

Anne released a video taken at a golf course. The city of Las Vegas can be seen in the background. On such a busy course, Ann is wearing a light blue windbreaker and a white above-the-knee skirt.

She is wearing long white high socks, which also look good on her. Incidentally, Anne is wearing Mizuno clothing. Anne appeared in a PR video for the company’s products recently released by Mizuno, and she often shows herself wearing the company’s products on her Instagram.

Anne begins by keeping both feet together, then opens one foot at a time and slowly takes a stance. Then, she swings the iron over her head and lightly dismounts. The way she fluttered her skirt was very cute and impressive.

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1990, An moved to New Zealand when she was 9 years old and started playing golf seriously. She then decided to make her Japanese women’s golf debut in 2017.

However, she had a string of bad luck at the Corona Disaster and was unable to practice and participate in matches as much as she would have liked. Last July, in her return to competition after a year and a half absence, she failed to qualify for the DAEBO hausD Open on the Korean Women’s Tour.

It seems that Anne was on her way to the United States. On Instagram, she was seen playing golf at the prestigious “Fallen Oak Golf Club” in Mississippi. It also seems that she was watching the final of the overseas men’s major “Masters” which was held from April 7 to 10 at “Augusta National Golf Club” in Georgia.

At one time, there were rumors of her retirement, but according to some reports, Anne is eager to take up the challenge of coming back to Japan. What did Anne absorb during her stay in the U.S.? It is hard to tell from a layman’s point of view, but I am sure that her “power up” is evidenced by this swing.

We have high expectations for Anne Siné, who will become even stronger and more beautiful after Corona!

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