Fans are thrilled with “Kimura Family Idol” which Koki revealed with her mother, Shizuka! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans are thrilled with “Kimura Family Idol” which Koki revealed with her mother, Shizuka!

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Model Koki, the second daughter of national idols Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo, has suddenly revealed the “idol of the Kimura family. In a house full of idols, it seems a bit odd to have a “Kimura family idol,” but who is it…!

The two have become Japan’s leading mother-daughter celebrities.

Mammy cut Muko, the idol of our family” (from Koki’s Instagram)

Koki introduced “Muko” as the Kimura family’s idol. He is a companion to the Kimura family’s beloved dog, Amur. He is an Australian Labradoodle with long gray fur. It is mofu-mofu and cute. Muko’s hair was cut by Shizuka Kudo, aka “Mommy,” and Kudo is quite skilled. I was surprised at how dexterous she is. Fans commented on the warm and fuzzy photo, which shows how much her family loves her, saying, “Cute! So cute! Koki was born in 2003.

Koki was born in 2003. She attended an international school and is fluent in English. Her overwhelming good looks have attracted attention since she was a child, and she made a strong debut in 2018 when she appeared on the cover of “ELLE JAPON” at the age of 15 while attending an international school. In the same year, she became an ambassador for Bvlgari, and has been a media sensation. The following year, in 2019, she made her Paris Collection runway debut, and in 2021 she became the first Japanese to be appointed as a global spokesperson for Estee Lauder.

She also made her debut as an actress in the film “Ushikubumura” directed by Takashi Shimizu, which was released on February 18, 2022, and in which she played the lead role. At the completion preview, she shed tears, saying, “I hope as many people as possible will see this film, which was created by the entire team with the director, staff, and co-stars. At the stage greeting on the opening day of the film, she said, “Thanks to this film, I have met many wonderful people and had a wonderful experience.

Koki is supported by her family, including her dog. The Kimura family loves their dogs so much that they are known as the “dog-aca,” and they frequently upload photos of their dogs on their respective Insta-shots. Mooko, please continue to support Koki. ……!

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